November 2006 on my blog, in review

This past month has been quite active, with my site logging upwards of 200 visitors for several days. This includes eight postings out of this month's postings which generated a lot of discussion.

I spent the whole month yakking about what I think, so enough about me. Let's see which postings YOU, my readers, were most interested in during the month of November:

Out of state money floods House District 79 race
11/5: GOP losing Virginia Senate race while VAGOP leader campaigns in SC?
11/6: Grady Patterson loses it
11/16: Blogger Love Connection
11/16: Beyond Politics: Workforce Development

11/20: Romney and the end of the Massachusetts GOP?
11/20: Message to the Governor: Appoint Mary Pearson
11/21: Jim Rex wins education race ... at last
11/28: I'm a .. moderate?!?

So those are the postings that got ya'll in an uproar in November. Take a minute to go back, take a look, and feel free to restir some old pots.

4 Response to "November 2006 on my blog, in review"

  1. Moye 30/11/06 12:58
    Always liked the review.
  2. Anonymous 1/12/06 09:42
    you're just reveling in all the attention you get, aren't you? i bet you just love showing off.
  3. Anonymous 3/12/06 08:38
    Crackers love attention. I bet you and that voting under the racism guy are taking long sips on the Nazi cool aid. Power to the people! I hope you both go to Hell!
  4. Earl Capps 3/12/06 12:00
    ty (anon 0838), , if you look at this picture of two of my daughters, and think about it for a minute, you'd see why i'd probably not be welcome at the next Hitler's Freaks rally ...

    But as ignorant as you are ... you probably would never get it.

    But maybe your grudge is that your girlfriend had a fling with Brian ... he told me about some chick he put under the influence. You know her, right?

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