Reading my blog, by topics

One of the really neat new features of Blogger dot com is the ability to add keywords to blog postings, and to display an index of topics, for quick reference for those visiting my blogsite. You should find that index on the right-hand side of my blog.

I hope you find this new feature on my blog helpful.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've gone through and tagged my over two hundred back postings, so those of you who find a topic of interest on my blog can now dig a little deeper, see what I had to say, and hopefully find some weblinks to take you to more reading on those subjects.

Hopefully you'll want to dig deeper than just my postings ... because if you're dumb enough to actually take my word for it alone ... well, let's just say that I'm surprised someone like that is smart enough to find the power switch on their computer.

Moral of the story (I'm one to talk about morals ...): Don't take my (or anyone else's) word for it alone - always do your homework.

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