Talk about a paper-thin loss

The so-called "wave" of 2006 wasn't quite all it was cracked up to be. Especially since the Democrats were talking about scoring big gains early, but many races weren't called until hours after the polls closed, and several House races are still not called, 36 hours later.

Two Senate incumbents with big mouths screwed up their re-election bids, and with just a few thousand votes, the Democrats took control of the Senate. Hardly a mandate for "change".

As for what happened in the House:

One of the things that is different from 1994, is that in 1994 when Republicans won 56 House seats, all but a handful were won by a range of 10 or more percent. Last night if you look at the election, of those 28 House seats, 22 were won by 2 percent or less — 22 of the 28. And of those, 18 were won by less than 5,000 votes, and four of those by less than a thousand votes ... you can basically go back and say that we lost control of Congress by 11 seats. You’re talking about less than 50,000 votes.

This doesn't bode well for the Democrats in 2008, if the GOP numbers recover sufficiently. In the 1996 elections, much of the House margin the GOP won in 1994 was wiped out when incumbents who were swept into swing seats over-estimated their appeal and their voter bases, and then were booted out two years later for being too far from the political center.

In looking at some of these races, I see some of these seats will be held by "wing-nuts" who are too far from the political centers of these districts. If the Dems blow it in the next two years, then that 28 seat loss could be easily wiped out and then some in a similar manner.

If you want to read the rest of this short article from National Review Online, click here.

5 Response to "Talk about a paper-thin loss"

  1. Moye 13/11/06 16:33
    I agree it was close but no cigars. How is the Education race coming out. Does Karen have a chance. She should had got out more. She was great at fundraisers but she was hard to get to a meeting. She always wanted to send her troops but sometimes you need to see the General.
  2. Anonymous 13/11/06 18:18
    Good analogy there Earlster. It will be fun watching the liberal wing-nuts pave the way to another Republican President in 08. Just waiting by the river to see the effects that Pelosi has on the average American, and the response from the average American behind the curtain in 08. Did I mention the tsunami on the Left coast? Yes, I am waiting on that too.
  3. Earl Capps 13/11/06 23:52
    yep - the left is already moving in to cash in their chips, and pelosi's effort to push murtha for majority leader over hoyer is the first sign the left is rising.

    this is a coalition that runs from the center to far left. it will be far tougher to keep them as a unified cohesive group than with the former GOP majority.

    i've heard the conspiracy theories that foley was leaked to bring about a house-cleansing of the GOP ranks, lure the Dems out of hiding, and rally the GOP base to win a full sweep in 2008.

    but they're just theories ... and if so, it's a pretty high-risk way for the GOP to win in 2008.

    there is always the possibility that the GOP will either run into another round of trouble, or the Dems might just do something right in the next two years.
  4. west_rhino 14/11/06 11:27
    Earl, I think that the left has a clue how thin the ice is under their gains. Some of this is evident in how much their rhetoric has toned down.

    I consider that the RNC hadn't the 'nads to run two strong attack ads offered gratis, instead letting thme languish on youtube to propagate and I have to think that the leadership has to shift to a more visionary, Goldwater or Reagan chairman. To wit Mehlman needs to slide into another post.

    Two more years and perhaps one could tap another bely full of fire from Zell Miller, but the wingnuts have to do their part.

    PS Hilary is beginning to speak her vision of healthcare... another final solution.
  5. Anonymous 15/11/06 08:55
    i always get a kcik out of listening to you closet faggit rinos whine and babble.

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