Tooth Fairy ... or something like that

Sunny over at Crunchy Republican isn't the only blogger who can show off kids ...

When the tooth fairy falls behind on her production goals
for the month - extreme measures are called for ...

... by the way, that's my little one, Bonnie,
and it's just a rubber mallet she's wielding!

5 Response to "Tooth Fairy ... or something like that"

  1. west_rhino 9/11/06 09:16
    A budding anasthesiologist! Laying biat for another tirade, it is curious that if you're such sucm Earl, that you have the kids, particularly in SC. The ex- must be a really naughty child.
  2. Earl Capps 9/11/06 10:31
    just to clarify, i have custody of my daughter from my first marriage, but not the others.

    so i guess i'm only half scum?
  3. west_rhino 9/11/06 10:47
    So you're only half victim of SC's men are scum, give the kids to the mother, unless dad's ungentlemanly enough to show cause or the mum's proving unfit from the DSS calls.

    Of course Earl, you still are subject to being part of the South Carolina Unorganized Militia.
  4. Watching 15/9/07 13:38

    We're laying back and watching while we wait for updates on construction in Bamberg.

    As we watch we note you have a few really really odd blokes posting to your blog. Really odd. :)

    Suggestion. Keep them away from your daughters. Please !!!

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