Writing in APA style

One of the torments of academic writing is the various writing styles and conventions. APA, Chicago, Turabian, and others ... they all come with their quirks, and failing to get them right to the most infinite and minute detail.

It is enough to drive one to drink.

In my program, they use APA style. Most of it is pretty straight-forward, but even after several years of writing with it, owning the official stylebook and buying template software, I'm still struggling to get it all right.

Including this weekend, where I'm dealing with three papers that have to be wrapped up in the next three weeks.

Oh, what fun ...

5 Response to "Writing in APA style"

  1. The Byzantine Rambler 18/11/06 13:57
    I'm with you on the APA style, I had to use it years ago when I was working with the Department of Psychiatry writing papers. Today, I find that I usually wind up with a quasi-APA muddle. C'est la vie!

    Take time out for Church! It'll clear you heard, give precision to your writing and add joyful "punctuation" to your output!

  2. Earl Capps 18/11/06 15:58
    thanks for the tip.

    i could certainly use the charge. this semester has been really tough on me, and i'm really starting to wear down.
  3. west_rhino 20/11/06 13:23
    That is the Anal Pundits Association isn't it?

    Ditto byzantine rambler's second paragraph. It will add Spirited content to your content.
  4. Moye 21/11/06 17:30
    I am with WR on tis.
  5. Anonymous 22/11/06 04:24
    The AP stylebook is the best excuse I have found yet for ignoring the St. Martin's rules from English composition.

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