Enough already ... agreed

Sunny Phillips over at the Crunchy Republican has tired of her blog comment section becoming fertile grounds for anonymous cowards with petty agendas, dishonest motives, or just plain mental issues, and is cracking the whip in her "Enough Already" posting.

Like her, I'm tired of trying to have an intelligent and thoughful discussion and have these losers ruin a good thing. I support her, and will make more of an effort to only allow postings which ...

1) Allow people to express thoughts related to the subject, or
2) Postings so ridiculous that approving them provides a degree of entertainment value.

As some of ya'll know, dissenting opinions, so long as they're respectful, are allowed and even encouraged. That part of this blog will, as always, continue.

9 Response to "Enough already ... agreed"

  1. Anonymous 6/12/06 08:23
    so, if i respond to this posting by talking about worshipping the devil or washing my car, you're going to delete my posting?
  2. Fester Addams 6/12/06 08:27
    You got this okayed by Jenny Sanford, right?
  3. Earl Capps 6/12/06 08:42
    fester - yep. she even signed a permission slip for me. wanna see it?
  4. fester addams 6/12/06 08:53
    Naah, I'd just like Sunny to spank me like Morticia spanks Gomez....
  5. Earl Capps 6/12/06 09:21
    fester, you're one wild and crazy guy ...
  6. Moye 6/12/06 22:48
    I like some of that ridiculous stuff. I bet you do get a lot of it.
  7. not a Gingrich 7/12/06 10:46
    Howard Rich turned me into a newt!
  8. Earl Capps 7/12/06 11:42
    moye - i agree. i let some of the wild stuff go up for entertainment value, but when it gets nasty and/or personal, i don't.

    i might start saving the rejected posts for some future use.

    all the chickens, kooks, racists, and of course ... disgruntled ex-persons ... they've all had a lot to say, even if it was hateful, spiteful, and often incoherent.
  9. Moye 7/12/06 12:00
    Publish a book out of the wild stuff.

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