Give 'em enough rope: Classic Clash

Another classic album from the Clash was their "Give 'em enough rope" album.

Their second album, it was released in December 1978, about a year before their famous London Calling album. It showed them moving away from the straight-punk style of their first album, and towards the much more creative style that would be credit for the success of London Calling.

While it remains an often-overlooked album, it's one of my favorites. What are my favorite songs on the album? Safe European Home, Tommy Gun, and Julie's been working for the Drug Squad.

If you're into the Clash, or want to learn more about the roots of punk music, this is a must-have album.

... and now, the You Tube video of a concert performance of Safe European Home:

3 Response to "Give 'em enough rope: Classic Clash"

  1. Anonymous 10/3/07 11:52
    Well lets see, that is like when,"Now the king told the boogie men" wsith the give 'em enough rope conceptual metaphor.

    Good article.
  2. Anonymous 11/3/07 12:43
    we will give the drunk irishman more than enough rope.
  3. Anonymous 12/3/07 23:40
    where are all your stalkers? they seem to be quiet these days.

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