I died and went to Hell (graduate school)

This is the final two weeks of the semester in graduate school ...

Last Monday, I turned in a 22 page paper.

Last Wednesday, a 25 pager, with a 15 minute discussion of my research.

Tomorrow, a 14 page group paper, with a discussion of our analysis.

On Wednesday, a cumulative final ... and then it's over ... until January ...

Some wait until they die to go to Hell, but some of us who go to graduate school may already be there ... click here if you want to hear my current state of mind.

6 Response to "I died and went to Hell (graduate school)"

  1. Anonymous 3/12/06 08:36
    Crackers writing crackers about something most of us don't give a damn about. We are supposed to care? Join your fellow Nazi at votin under the racism in drinking the cool aid and do us all a favor.

  2. Earl Capps 3/12/06 12:03
    Just in case you missed this on the other posting ...

    ty (anon 0838), , if you look at this picture of two of my daughters, and think about it for a minute, you'd see why i'd probably not be welcome at the next Hitler's Freaks rally ...

    But as ignorant as you are ... you probably would never get it.

    But maybe your grudge is that your girlfriend had a fling with Brian ... he told me about some chick he put under the influence. You know her, right?
  3. west_rhino 3/12/06 19:26
    Earl, rational argument doesn't work here, if Ty's 'roids or the other voices in his head tell him that you be a cracka' you be a cracka.

    OTOH, I can commiserate with the process of wrapping up the semester and those projects.
  4. Anonymous 4/12/06 09:14
    earl, it's no secret that your first wife wasn't white, and i think that a man like ty, whose mating prospects are limited by a hateful attitude which has to run off plenty of chicks, is intimidated by that.

    that's why he has focused his tirades upon you.

    well, you and that voting under the influence guy, but i can't figure what his beef with that guy is. maybe he seduced one of his girlfriends from him in the past? who knows?

    face it, ty can't compete with your natural sex appeal, and he knows it ... schwiingggg!!!
  5. Revved Bubba Better'n Thee 6/12/06 08:51
    Ty and Earl thou art both heretics and the flames of blogdom shall be thy future if ye turn not and repenteth not
  6. Moye 6/12/06 23:39
    He ain't talking about Graham Crackers is he. The TY dude.

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