License to Kill: Malice's moment of glory

Malice could have been something big back in the 80s, but for whatever reason, they didn't last long.

Critics compared the band to Judas Priest, and in this case, the critics had it right about this band. Their lead singer definitely has quite a vocal range on par with Rob Halford of the Priest, and their twin guitarists worked together well to produce a hard-charging album that is loud and powerful, but not too fast or too pop-sounding.

Hard-edged rock and roll is what you get with this album. It's all the rock and roll that some bands couldn't come up with in three or four albums combined.

In spite of this, this band came and went after a couple of albums in the 80s. Go figure.

Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson of Megadeth joined Malice in the studio to help record this album.

As many bands used to do, Malice had worked their way up the ladder, and License to Kill, which followed minor label releases, was their first (and last) major label album. I remember buying this on cassette as a hot new release back in the day, and now I have it on CD.

That this band went away so quickly, while other lame-ass bands stuck around and kept flooding the record stores and airwaves with wanna-be metal, is unfortunate. But it still leaves us with Licenese to Kill, which is a legacy they should be proud of ... and a great album you should own.

Favorite songs on the album? Chain Gang Woman, License to Kill and Sinister Double.

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