Today's Joke: Gilmore for President?

In the closing days of Election 2006, while his friend and fellow Virginia Republican George Allen was struggling to prevent losing his Senate seat and prevent a Democratic takeover of the US Senate, Jim Gilmore, former VA Governor and RNC Chairman, thought long and hard about where he could make the biggest difference.

Then he headed down to South Carolina to make a series of campaign appearances ... ?

It looks like Gilmore believed advancing his personal ambitions for 2008 mattered more than his team did in 2006. Now, he's looking to build upon his record of "leadership", by offering to do for national Republicans what he did for Virginia Republicans:

Former Virginia governor James S. Gilmore III has decided to form a committee to examine running for president in 2008, casting himself as a fiscal conservative with executive experience and national security credentials.

In an interview yesterday, Gilmore said his candidacy would fill a void among Republican presidential hopefuls, who he believes are not dedicated enough to important conservative principles.

Now, after he helped to deliver control of the Senate to the Democrats, Gilmore would now like to make a difference in the Presidential race.

I'm sure the Democrats can't wait ...

9 Response to "Today's Joke: Gilmore for President?"

  1. Anonymous 21/12/06 15:51
    Today's joke: All of George Allen's problems were really caused by Jim Gilmore.

    I blame George Bush, his approval ratings tipped the balance to Webb! No, it was Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's fault for not handling the Senate better. No, it was Jerry Kilgore's fault for not defeating Tim Kaine in 2005!

    Anyone but George Allen!
  2. Anonymous 21/12/06 16:24
    anon 1551, i wouldn't go so far as to make THAT claim. george allen's mouth did plenty of damage.

    but if a former GOP governor and RNC chair chooses to run away from the real fight now, what does that say about his suitability to be president, or his ability to win the election in 2008?

    so either gilmore was selfishly ambitious, or nobody in virgina thought he could win the first vote, much less the 7000 votes needed to save allen from himself.

    either way, that's not a good sign.

    besides, i'm only posting this to rub it in on rick beltram, didn't you know?
  3. dean wormer 23/12/06 03:11
    earl, i hope you're going to be fair about it and start looking at some of the other candidates. gilmore isn't worth all the attention you've been giving him lately.
  4. Annoyed in P-vegas 23/12/06 14:28
    Earl, why are you being so rude? You are beginning to remind me of another not so friendly Republican from the lower part of the state. We all remember her extremely distasteful comments toward Mass. Governor Mitt Romney. Luckily leadership in other parts of the state are much better.

    It doesnt speak well of someone to single out a candidate, or potential candidate, to pick on and keep picking for no reason at all, especially without getting your facts straight.

    According to my sources from Virginia, upon returning to Richmond on the Saturday that Gilmore left Spartanburg, he helped with GOTV for the rest of the weekend for Senator Allen. Don't assume things before getting your facts straight. Good thing you are a blogger, because you would never cut it as a journalist.

    I wondered at first where your hostility toward Gilmore was originating. I think I may have figured it out. Jealousy of what others are doing seems to be the source of your hostility. Point in case, your comments about Rick Beltram. We all know that he can be a bit overbearing from time to time, but he gets the job done and he has put his county on the map. I visited with the party in Spartanburg for a while this past cycle and it is a top notch organization which is run like a well oiled state party machine. It is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else and we could all take a page out of Beltram's book.
  5. Earl Capps 23/12/06 16:13
    hey, p, i may not be a journalist (nor do i pretend to be one), but at least i've got the cojones to put my name to what i say.

    so, i'll check my facts and you'll check your courage, ok? until then, don't try to judge me or associate me.

    i guess he should've spent a little more time in VA and a little less time in Laurens and Spartanburg and whereever else he went while in SC.

    if the truth is rude, then too bad. he was here, the senate was being lost up there. seems pretty straightforward to me.
  6. Annoyed in P-vegas 23/12/06 16:41

    Because of policies of my employer, I cannot post my name. Now that we have cleared that up, here is my rebuttle.

    I hardly think that one day of campaigning by a former Governor would have made a difference in the first place. George Allen lost because he made some bad decisions, period. Remember before "the comment" he had a significant double digit lead over Webb and was headed for a resounding victory. Then he opened his mouth and lost the race. I can't believe that you would blame his loss and his mistake on someone that had absolutely nothing to do with it. By the way you write, it appears you have no grasp of personal responsibility.

    When will we as conservatives realize that many of those we campaigned for and elected to office have failed us, period. They went to Washington promising to make things better, got a little power, and went nuts. We are in a war that was not executed properly and our government is spending money like it grows on trees. The only thing good coming out of the past few years is the booming economy, and who knows how long that will last.

    The problem with Republicans right now is that no one wants to take responsibility and resort to name calling and finger pointing which is what you are doing to Governor Gilmore right now. You want someone to blame for Senator Allen's loss, so you pick an easy target. The real person to blame is Senator Allen. He is the one that opened his mouth, now he is paying the price for his actions, and so is our former Republican majority for theirs.

    Instead of finger pointing we need to be figuring out how we can rebuild our party's credibility with the American public.
  7. Earl Capps 23/12/06 17:02
    Policies of employer? Yeah, right. You haven't cleared anything up.

    The GOP loss of the Senate had plenty to do with arrogance of those who felt they could do no wrong, including Allen's remark, Burns' berating firefighters, and Santorum trying to be a barn-burning social conservative crusader with Presidential ambitions in a state known for electing low-key moderates.

    But in a close race, Gilmore showed us what his priorities are. Beltram's mouth has shown plenty of who he is, including the same tendency to jump to conclusions and make presumptions that you've shown.

    First you call me jealous, now, I have no sense of personal responsibility ... geez, you'd hardly think I was a single parent who worked a full-time college and went to grad school at night.

    If they want our votes, they'd better be ready to answer tough questions about what they've done, what they want to do, and what they're actually capable of.
  8. Anonymous 23/12/06 17:04
    i agree - p stands for something, and i think it's something like wussy.

    dude, do you work for and/or support gilmore? maybe you're rick beltram?
  9. Moye 23/12/06 23:16
    I believe I said in the past cut Rick some slack. He is good for Spartanburg and to say they had a well oiled machine is only half true after the Karen Floyd loss. Rick has done a great job in the upstate but lets keep him there and not Columbia. Mr. Gilmore cannot win and will not win but welcome to the race. He should had busted his butt to help Allen and did not. Especially that close to the election. He did not help get the vote out here by him showing up for sure. I have met George Allen and he is a good man and it was a terrible loss for us in the GOP. George is not a racist now and never has been. If this was a democrat all would had been forgiven especially one that was a minority.

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