U.S. 521: Now 4 lanes from Sumter to Manning

On Wednesday, the first day my voice returned, I drove up to Manning for our lane-opening event to mark the end of one of my company's largest highway construction contracts - the widening of U.S. 521 from Manning to I-95, which included the replacement of eight consecutive bridges over the Pocataligo River.

Little did I know that not only was I going up there to make sure the event set-up was done, as the event organizer, but I also ended up as the "MC" for the event.

Notables in attendance included State Senator John Land, Clarendon County Council Chairman Dwight Stewart, several people with the SCDOT, as well as several of the crews who had been involved in much of the project.

Barbeque was served by D&H Barbeque of Manning. When in town, ya'll have got to go check them out!

A project that ran pretty smoothly, overcame hurdles with little difficulty, and most importantly, no serious injuries or fatalities among anyone who worked on the project. What more could one ask for?

With our work complete, the town of Manning now has a four-lane connection to the interior of the state, which will improve travel times, increase safety, and serve as an economic development magnet for the area. No doubt a fine Christmas present to the people of Clarendon County.

In both pictures, Senator Land is on the left, and I'm on the right, with ...

In the center (above) is Dwight Stewart, Clarendon County Council Chairman.

In the center (above) is Jim Porth, the District 7 SCDOT Resident Construction Engineer.

11 Response to "U.S. 521: Now 4 lanes from Sumter to Manning"

  1. west_rhino 1/12/06 09:15
    Earl, I'll let moye tell you why D&H's resturant is located close to Clarendon Memorial's Emergency Department, though I will hint at pigging out on the buffet...

    BTW, is it true that no envorinmentalist was harmed in the process of this highway project? ;-)
  2. Anonymous 1/12/06 10:42
    i'm sure they paved over a few along the way. by the way, five points off for misspelling true hugger, west.
  3. Earl Capps 1/12/06 10:42
    moye was there too, and he was eating ... so i guess whatever the answer is, it couldn't be too bad.
  4. Moye 1/12/06 10:48
    Earl it was nice to see you but if you want to give Clarendon a good Christmas present send us more republicans. I do admit the road is nice. I cannot say anything bad about D & H remember our secretary/treasurer son is the owner.
  5. Anonymous 1/12/06 10:54
    How is this not another road to nowhere? Will there be adequate water and sewer for businesses to locate?
  6. Earl Capps 1/12/06 11:52
    actually, water, sewer and natural gas are there already on the section near I-95.

    one large company, bringing several hundred jobs, is already locating on the new highway.
  7. Anonymous 1/12/06 11:53
    anon 1054, a 4 lane US 521, which leads to the georgetown/lower grand strand area, considering the volume of beach traffic and need for a high-capacity evacuation corridor, would hardly count as a "road to nowhere".

    there are other highway projects, such as clyburn's bridge, which don't meet the test, but this one does.
  8. west_rhino 1/12/06 16:21
    moye, if I remember D&H's claim on the menu, the ED is a convenience, as their 'cue is so good that some folks just eat too much...
  9. Moye 2/12/06 13:42
    West Rhino D & H BBQ in Manning changed hands several years ago. Do not want to mention what the H stands for due to that family may want to do me in if you know what I mean. The place is really cleaned up and doing good. The Saturday menu is the best as they have the wings and they are great. I really am not a big fan of the BBQ anywhere in Clarendon but this is the best in the area. They cook only shoulders and hams pork. Over in Kingstree Browns is good sometimes it is hit and miss. Near Salters at Coopers country store at the crossroads 521 the BBQ is always good. Also Hemingway has real good stuff. Most anywhere in Williamsburg is good especially the back yard ones at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everybody has a pit or two and most is still cooked with oak and a vinegar base. Damn I got to go get me some now.
  10. Mike Reino 2/12/06 16:24
    I've had D&H a few times, and it's pretty good BBQ. By the way, the D&H does not stand for Diarrhea & Hepatitis.. June, forgive me! Schoolhouse BBQ in Scranton is the best, hands down. Earl, could you and John Land have gotten any farther from each other in those pics??
  11. Moye 6/12/06 23:32
    Mike good comment Earl may not have told you but the Senator did not stay and eat.

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