Accept's Metal Heart

Most metal bands from the 80s had two or three really good albums. Accept did better than this, but as far as major-label releases go, their first three releases were clearly their best.

The last in that string was their Metal Heart album, which came out in 1985. Following their MTV splash with Balls to the Wall, this album debuted courtesy of a fast-moving video for Midnight Mover.

Trust me, this album is a non-stop rush, and best listened to when you're on the road and have the time to listen to it all the way through (and all the way up helps as well).

This may date me, but I've had this album in vinyl, cassette, and CD.

My favorite songs on the album? Midnight Mover was clearly my favorite, but others were Metal Heart, Screaming for a Love Bite, and Bound to Fail.

This is a great album. If you don't get it, then it's your loss.

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