AP and the Lebanese Pig

A friend of mine's blog covers Anderson County, and the current mystery at hand is the actual identity of several characters being referred to: AP and the Lebanese Pig.

It sounds like AP is a real garden implement, but unless I knew for sure who they were talking about, I can't really say what I think.

However, anyone who wants to speculate as to the real identity of these wild and crazy characters, either here on this blog, or where the actual comments are, go ahead and do so.

Who knows? You might even guess correctly!

6 Response to "AP and the Lebanese Pig"

  1. Anonymous 13/1/07 05:36
    lesbian pig? Is it Rosie?
  2. west_rhino Mr Treyf if you must 15/1/07 09:55
    Somehow I wonder if this is one of those obscure Eastern Orthodox things from "The Lebanon" (as la grenoulle would say).

    I offer that since the Lebanese Jews and Islamicists don't do pork, which leaves the agnostic Froggy and the Lebganese Christians.

    Pass the bottle of Maurice's yella sauce Earl.
  3. Anonymous 19/1/07 14:31
    Sticks and stones, Earl. I still respect you when you stay on focus. Why you feel a small minded need to bash me when you know what your saying is not true, I'll never know. But get angry, no way. You are so talanted and will always have my respect because without you there would be no spice in politics.
  4. Anonymous 19/1/07 14:38
    Sticks and stones, Earl. Why you feel it necessary to try to hurt me, I'll never know especially when you know your slurs are untrue. I do, however, have a great deal of respect for you. As a political consultant and campaign manager in my humble opinion you are the best!
  5. Crenshaw Fan 19/1/07 16:03
    what i want to know is how many guys did she tell she was separated while complaining this person and that person were telling them to leave her husband?

    sounds like she was having trouble keeping her facts straight, sir.

    i heard she was running her mouth about you too. just be glad you live far away so you don't have to have her crying and sleazing in into your life.
  6. Moye 20/1/07 21:10
    WR I like the part about the yellow sauce from Maurice.

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