Balls to the Wall: Accept's breakthrough album

Doesn't that image just "grab" ya?

Thanks to Metal Mark and his recent posting on this band, which inspired this posting.

Accept was one of a few German metal bands who appeared on the American metal scene in the 80s. Led by Udo Dirkschnieder, a short, squat fellow who often appeared in camoflauge, the band was noted for songs that were blazing fast, and included heavy, choral-sounding chorus sections in its songs.

Their "breakthrough" came with their Balls to the Wall album, released in 1983. With exposure through a dark, heavy MTV video for the title track, as well as touring with Judas Priest, they developed a modest following in the United States.

The most notable thing on this album was a more steady approach to their music. Unlike the albums before and after it, there were none of the blazing-fast speed metal songs that the band was noted for.

My favorite songs on the album? Balls to the Wall, London Leatherboys, and Guardian of the Night.

This is definitely a must-have album for your collection.

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  1. Anonymous 14/1/07 21:31
    you're a real sick mo-fo. you really are.
  2. Anonymous 15/1/07 08:56
    he probably thinks people take him seriously
  3. Dorothy and Toto 15/1/07 09:50
    Earl, even if the leather bar skanks have an issue with you, we still love you
  4. Earl Capps 15/1/07 10:11
    dorothy, i am truly touched by your gesture of goodwill and support. nice to know there is one (presumably) adult female who wishes me well in this world.

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