Cheap gas in Charleston

While most gas stations in the Lowcountry are running from 2.15 to 2.20 a gallon for regular unleaded gas, I found one station that is selling it for 2.09: the V-Go on Savannah Highway, near Andolini's and Doscher's. That's a big price difference - so go check it out and save some money.

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  1. Moye 7/1/07 14:01
    Good deal to post something like this.
  2. Earl Capps 8/1/07 02:09
    glad to give you all the top-quality service you're paying for. you will also get your money's worth at the blogland.
  3. Anonymous 8/1/07 02:44
    You wont find cheap gas in the community. Crackers are always exploiting the brothers.

  4. Earl Capps 8/1/07 09:01
    ty, i know what you're talking about. the Man has got me down. i feel exploited and oppressed too.

    i think they're out to get both of us.
  5. Anonymous 8/1/07 09:17
    Yeah Ty, Crackahs frum India, Crackahs from Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam, KO-reah, that all got more iniative than homies and homos that 'spect an entitlement, cause they will play "step an fetchit" for the freebie.

    Not that that gas station is right next to one of the grocery stores in Wes' Ashcan that caters to the 'hood and advertises with Jim French regularly and supports the free black press.

    Yeah, don' be no cheep gas in the community... FOOL!

    'lit by Diogenes
  6. Moye 8/1/07 11:31
    If you get up to Sumter several stations has it for this price.

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