Cheap Gas Report

I found more cheap gas today ...

HOLLY HILL: V-Go, US 176 in town - $1.97/gallon
NEESES: Piggly Wiggly, US 321 at SC 4 - $1.99/gallon

Hats off to these guys! If you're that way, save some bucks and let 'em know you appreciate the savings!

Feel free to share your cheap gas reports here!

6 Response to "Cheap Gas Report"

  1. Heather 16/1/07 06:30
    Wow, that's not bad. I saw Racetrak on Rivers Ave had regular at $2.04
  2. west_rhino 16/1/07 11:19
    Earl, you weren't getting mushrooms wholesale from Neeses by any stretch of the imagnination?
  3. Earl Capps 16/1/07 11:51
    actually, my company is about to wrap up a widening project on US 321, so i get up that way. they're always one of the cheapest places in the state.
  4. Moye 20/1/07 20:03
    Well since I have been laid up at Lake Marion with the flu since this past Monday it is Saturday night now and i still feel like sh--. I cannot say what gas is as I have only cranked my buick once this week to go pick up a prescription of tamiflu. Will give you a report next week from NYC and Sioux Falls, SD since I have to make up some time from this medical vacation I have been on. Maybe I will plug my phone up soon also.
  5. Earl Capps 20/1/07 22:01
    Shoot, Moye, ya should have let us know. One of us would've come by to check on ya.

    Remember - you may be dehydrated and if so, need to soak up lots of fluids.
  6. Moye 21/1/07 12:37
    Thanks man.

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