December 2006 on my blog, in review

After the heated pace of the fall, where a lot of you were stirred up over the approaching elections, and the goings-on provided a lot of fodder for my commentary, things slowed down a little bit.

I was able to shift gears a bit, and take some time to focus on wrapping up my fall semester in grad school, as well as get ready for the holiday season.

I also got to shift my focus from 2006 towards the 2008 elections, more album reviews and some lighter fare that I’d long been waiting for the opportunity to put out there. But there was still plenty to talk about, both for me and my readers.

So, let's look back at which postings you had the most to say about during December …

12/1: U.S. 521: Now 4 lanes from Sumter to Manning
12/3: I died and went to Hell

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  1. Moye 6/1/07 14:42
    It was a interesting month/year to say the least.

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