The Family that Rocks together ... hhhmmmm ...

... if you've got an interesting other half to complete this statement, feel free to suggest it in the comments.

Last night, I took my little one to her first concert - Fall Out Boy, with three other bands on their Friends or Enemies tour, in Raleigh at the Disco Rodeo. With the weather being what it was, and me never having been to Raleigh (passed it lots going up and down I-85 and I-95, but never made the 40 mile side trip to check it out), it was a rather long and slow journey.

She had a little trouble with the noise at first, being her first concert, but as the photo would suggest, she finally got used to it, once we found a quieter place up in the balcony. The show wasn't bad, and given the teen appeal those bands had, there were a lot of teens and near-teens with parents in tow, but Bonnie was one of the few kids there under the age of ten (she's 8).

The bands were pretty family-friendly with no drunken rambling, a few four-letter words, but no drugs or booze in their comments or stage behavior. I guess one could rate the show a PG-13 event. Not bad, considering what else is out there. When she finally tired out, the concert had been going on for three and a half hours, and was probably thirty minutes from wrapping up. Not bad for thirty bucks a ticket.

On the way up, we finally figured out the call in number to Radio Disney on my Sirius radio, so she can call in on every contest they're doing now. This outta be interesting ...

Not a bad show, even if it wasn't exactly my kind of rock. It was definitely a good show to take kids to, which is rare these days, but since they're fixing to head out to Europe, you'll have to catch them next time they're stateside.

7 Response to "The Family that Rocks together ... hhhmmmm ..."

  1. Anonymous 19/1/07 10:54
    what a loser. trying to portray yourself as family guy, hoping to lasso in another unsuspecting lass to use and abuse like all the rest.

    some of us see through this hollow facade and know what kind of a fake you really are.

    remember, you can fool some people some of the time, but you can't fool all of them all of the time. what you do and how you treat women will catch up with you.

    i can't wait to see what happens when it does.
  2. moye 20/1/07 20:09
    Well I want try to top that last comment. Somebody definitely has a problem out there in cuckoo land. I make the trip to Raleigh about twice a month for a flight out of RDU. It is about 225 miles from my place at the lake and about the same from Greeleyville farm. My son took his Mother to a concert up there last year the Rolling Stones and had a great time with her. He is 34. He asked me last week when he and I were going to make one again. I think it is great to go with your kids anywhere that both parties are welcome and comfortable. You just have to be the best parent you can and the rest will take care of itself. Now about that Disco.
  3. Earl Capps 20/1/07 21:38
    Disco was the name of the place. It used to be The Ritz. Right off Wake Forest Blvd, near I-440 on the north side of the loop.

    Trust me, if there is disco, you wouldn't find me dead there.
  4. Moye 21/1/07 12:33
    You sure Earl
  5. west_rhino 21/1/07 20:26
    Geez Earl, sounds like an ex-'s venom. Is it nice to let anon know that the slanders source is recorded, such that, were it an ex- it could well be admissible when it comes to charachter issues...
  6. Nette 25/1/07 17:10
    Wow Earl!!! Looks like somebody is such a loser that they leech on to your posts and spout BS. Must be sad to have such a pathetic life that you live for trying to cause grief for another human being. If I hadn't have read that here, I would swear it sounds like a soap opera psycho storyline.

    Be careful buddy. Obviously there are some nuts out there.
  7. Earl Capps 26/1/07 14:45
    who knows who or what posted those ramblings? probably someone who is jealous of how far i've come in life.

    perhaps if i was a failure in my life, they would feel better in knowing that i was everything they told themselves that i was.

    believe me, in many ways, i'm nothing like i used to be, nor do i intend to go back and be those things again.

    i, and those around me (both then and now) deserve better - and i'm trying my best to do better.

    enough pyschotherapy for today.

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