Huckabee won't "scare Democrats"?

A recent story on Mike Huckabee, the outgoing Republican Governor of Arkansas who is exploring a 2008 Presidential bid, looks at how he plans not to "scare the living daylights" out of Democrats.

Well, would he scare them? Maybe not.

When Mike Huckabee ascended to the Governor’s mansion in Arkansas in the early 90s, the GOP was surging across the South. Since then, the overwhelming majority of U.S. House and Senate seats shifted to the GOP column, as well as most Governorships, and the GOP, which then was the minority party in every southern legislative chamber, now controls a majority of legislative chambers. Where it doesn't, it generally holds a strong minority - except Arkansas.

Under Huckabee’s watch as the highest-ranking Republican in Arkansas, the GOP wave that swept the South beginning in the mid-1990s left the Democratic rule of Arkansas unscathed. Today, the Democrats hold both Senate seats, three of four House seats, three-to-one Democratic legislative majorities, and on the heels of Huckabee's retirement, the Democrats scored a clean sweep of all statewide offices in the 2006 elections.

The failure of the GOP to gain ground in Arkansas during Huckabee’s tenure as Governor while the rest of the South turned deep red is certainly worth questioning by those Republicans who are looking for a candidate who will help take back Congress.

When Huckabee says he doesn’t want to scare Democrats, it would seem as if he's already doing a good job of it.

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4 Response to "Huckabee won't "scare Democrats"?"

  1. Anonymous 9/1/07 09:23
    so, who are you really working for? you don't think we believe that crap, do you?

    not like huckabee is worth worrying about. i guess you're backing a candidate with pretty bad prospects to go sniping at lesser candidates like him and gilmoor.
  2. moye 9/1/07 22:21
    Met Governor Huckabee at the mansion at one of the bbq and beach music deals that our Governor Sanford had. Nice dude but another one that will waste money on a run. I agree with your article on what has happened or not happened in Arkansas.
  3. rick beltram 11/1/07 02:52
    Come to Spartanburg on Feb. 22 and participate in our "issues caucus" and meet Gov. Romney!

    Rick Beltram
  4. Earl Capps 11/1/07 07:33
    sorry, rick, a three-hour drive on weekday, not happening. i'm sure i'll get plenty of opportunties to meet all these guys (including the ones who will probably want to kick my tail) before it is over.

    some people take this stuff too seriously.

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