Keep the elected Comptroller General

Discussion is going to take place about the final reading of a bill to advance a referendum question that would remove the office of Comptroller General from the list of South Carolina state government officials who are elected by the voters.

I oppose this, and encourage the Senate to reject this bill, as a means of keeping this office on the ballot.

In last year's election, a shared theme by both candidates was that this office, as the state's auditor of its books, can and should be the independent watchdog of state government. Richard Eckstrom has used this to apply accounting principles to better monitor the state's budgeting process and asking tough questions. Last year's Democratic candidate wanted to create a direct connection for citizens to report waste and corruption in state government.

An appointed Comptroller General would not have the same freedom to ask tough questions and challenge the Legislature and Governor when necessary.

A similar argument has been validated with regard to the Adjutant General, whose independence helped insulate the state National Guard from cutbacks. His ability to act as an advocate for the Guard has allowed the Adjutant General to set policy in accordance to the needs of the Guard, and not politicians. The result is that South Carolina Guard units, when deployed overseas, have some of the lowest casualty rates of any.

Thomas Ravenel has argued that the Treasurer's office is primarily a bureaucratic office, with no real need for political independence. He may be correct in his belief that the Treasurer should be removed from the ballot. If it is eventually removed from the ballot, then the Comptroller's role as an independent watchdog will be even more critical than ever.

Keeping this office on the ballot is simple - the Senate can step back from this bill and it should do just that.

8 Response to "Keep the elected Comptroller General"

  1. Anonymous 25/1/07 13:57
    who paid you off to say this?

    can't be that you'd be in the guard yourself. they don't let long hair freaks and losers like yourself in there.
  2. Anonymous 26/1/07 01:08
    Your comments are spoken like a true conseravative Democrat state senator. BTW, Sanford's restructuring bill was DOA in the State House. Such sums up the influence of the Gubner
  3. Anonymous 26/1/07 07:48
    bet ty is being quiet on this since there's only white constitutional officers.
  4. west_rhino 26/1/07 12:15
    Earl, you horrible person! Any opposition to the Imperial Senate must be crushed so that it may continue to rule SC with an ironic fist.

    You're no no mercy mission to Alderaan or Naboo. Naturally, you're being shouted down by Philistines and "Medianites"*

    {all puns intended and no egos that matter were harmed in the preceeding post}

    Medianites - MSM or those easily swayed by MSM, this neologism comes from an Israeli in the tourism industry, regarding the MSM's reportsd that suggest that all of Israel (and Iraq for that matter) is the front lines of a war zone.
  5. Anonymous 26/1/07 14:47
    west, quit smoking that crack. the more you smoke, the less that will be available for ty this weekend.
  6. moye 27/1/07 15:23
    I have to agree with you on this Earl. Also the last post was not to bad either.
  7. Earl Capps 27/1/07 17:10
    moye, you don't have to agree with me, but obviously, you can't help but agree with the superior logic that shows in my postings.

    if you think THAT highly of me, i'll be more than happy to set you up to take a drug test ....
  8. Moye 28/1/07 14:35
    Just had a drug test less than a month ago. Thanks anyway. I was talking about the Anonymous post ahead of mine about WR. Thought it was good. Your article well.

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