Lake Marion Bridge opponent criticized in Capitol Hill rampage

House Majority Whip Jim “J.C. Hammer” Clyburn (D-SC) lashed out at a key critic of his plans to build a new bridge crossing across upper Lake Marion. The project hit a major roadblock when it was denied a water quality permit by DHEC officials, a move which he blamed on Mike Reino, a Florence County GOP activist and blogger.

Shortly after the permit was denied, there were reports of sounds of crashing and howls of rage coming from J.C. Hammer’s congressional office. Witnesses reported seeing a the wrecked pieces of a chair being flung out of a window which was claimed to be Hammer’s personal office, followed by several staffers.

According to reports, Hammer then stuck his head out the window, screaming at the staffers which were lying on the ground outside, awaiting medical attention. His comments included a string of obscenities and references to “that damn Mike Reino, it’s all his damn fault.”

Later, Hammer denied this incident, and lamented “the suicidal tendencies of my staff, who thankfully survived their falls”.

Later at a press conference, Hammer complained about Reino’s “regressive efforts in leading the opposition to this much-needed bridge project. His actions penalize the people of this region, who need the tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of economic development that this bridge will surely bring.”

Reino’s brief response was delivered in a hastily-arranged press conference at The Palms at Wyboo, a bar and restaurant in Clarendon County, near Lake Marion: “Yeah, right. There aren’t 100 squirrels who would benefit from that bridge”.

21 Response to "Lake Marion Bridge opponent criticized in Capitol Hill rampage"

  1. Anonymous 25/1/07 00:24
    i don't know who has a bigger mouth and stirs up more crap - you or reino.
  2. Anonymous 25/1/07 11:19
    Nice to hear from paulie...
  3. Anonymous 25/1/07 13:58
    i bet you think you're important. you and all four of the people who like you and kiss your lilly white tail.
  4. Mike Reino 25/1/07 20:15
    Anon1, that's easy. Earl has a bigger mouth, but I stir up more crap than him. I'm the quiet chicken**** that hides behind his poison laptop. :)
  5. Anonymous 25/1/07 21:47
    You crackers just want to keep the black folk in Sumter and Orangeburg from being able to do business with one another.

    Who gives a damn about some pale ass cracker getting his fishing disturbed. Cry me a river.

    My people need joba, and I want to get a big fat government contract for helping on that bridge.

    But, you crackers keep trying to keep me down.

  6. Earl Capps 25/1/07 22:13
    Ty, you know, it's hard for white people to have a conspiracy whenever you're around.

    We were going to blow up the I-95 bridges next week, and then the US 601 bridge after that, just to make sure the two counties were cut off, and then hire Scotty and the starship Enterprise to beam just the white people across the lake.

    But once again, you caught us in the darn act. Can't get anything past you, can we?
  7. Anonymous 25/1/07 22:14
    i heard that ap chick they keep talking about over at votingundertheinfluence has a big mouth too. don't know what it's good for, but i'm sure ty has a few ideas.
  8. Anonymous 26/1/07 01:09
    Ty, you are out of jail? Wow. Good for you. I hope MC Hammer Clyburn can find you and honest job to keep you busy now.
  9. Anonymous 26/1/07 04:12
    What a surpise, you would hire the whitest member of the Star Trek crew. Pale ass cracker Scotty. What about Ohoura, cracker? She was an officer. She did her job. No, you have to mention cracker ass Scotty.

    I bet your cracker ass has pointed ears.

  10. Earl Capps 26/1/07 07:46
    Ty, only Scotty could operate the controls of the beamer-upper, so who else could I have chosen.

    May the force be with you.
  11. west_rhino 26/1/07 12:22
    While this is a conspiracy to deprive po' black folk from fishin' off a bridge to nowhere, there is no move to accomodate fishin' for subsistence with free fishin licenses or to fund monitoring of the fish for additioanl runoff from that bridge, so that the fish are safe to eat.

    Maybe Ty has given us an opening in the conspiracy to let folk get out an' fish that part of the lake, but leave them with a catch of poisoned fish thanks to the oil and antifreeze and toxic heavy metals from non point source pollution.

    Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day, teach him to fish and he'll spend all day drinkin beer in a boat.
  12. Anonymous 26/1/07 13:12
    some people claim that there's a woman to blame, but i know it's all mike reino's fault.
  13. Anonymous 26/1/07 14:30
    Let Clyburn jump out of the window if he is pissed about this. His bridge to nowhere is a waste of money and spoils some of the best natural country we have in this state.

    There is nothing like showing your younging the alligators on the banks and how to fish.

    Who wants Clyburn's bridge overhead?

    Besides, is giving people in Lone Star something high to jump off of a good idea?
  14. Jane 26/1/07 14:31
    if we cannot say "nigger",
    why can they say "pale ass cracker"
  15. Anonymous 26/1/07 14:36
    that depends ... have you ever met the people in lone star? the gene pool might be better if they did jump.
  16. Anonymous 26/1/07 17:24
    good thing he said "100 squirels" and not "100 wild coons". ty would feel so vindicated about us crackers if he had.
  17. Anonymous 26/1/07 17:24
    good thing he said "100 squirels" and not "100 wild coons". ty would feel so vindicated about us crackers if he had.
  18. moye 27/1/07 15:19
    Sorry I could not attend the meeting a The Palms I was in NYC at the time but I was on the teleconference and I thought Mike did a great job. Thanks Mike and thanks Earl for letting the public know.
  19. Brian McCarty 27/1/07 22:18
    I wonder why the national press does not cover this bridge to nowhwere the way it did the proposed bridge to nowhere in Alaska Republican Senator Ted Stevens wanted?

    Have you ever seen a politician so hellbent on wasting taxpayer money with little or no criticism from the mainstream media?

    Further, Earl, or someone, how much campaign money does the Congressman get from potential contractors on the project.

    When something stinks to high heaven, follow the money, and you will find the source of the odor nearly every time. That is why we all eventually end up voting under hte influence.
  20. Anonymous 30/1/07 10:19
    Brian, hand the Confederate Battle Flag on it and the national media will pay attention to it...
  21. Anonymous 31/1/07 01:29
    i still don't get it - are you a reformin' republican, or just a rino? pick a side and stick with it.

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