Leroy E. Brown Sr.: Rest in Peace

Leroy Brown Sr., a litte-known, but highly-important, part of South Carolina political history, passed away in Beaufort earlier this week at the age of 91.

The first black elected official in South Carolina in the 20th century, Mr. Brown was elected to the Beaufort County Board of Directors (now County Council) in 1960. This was four years before the Voting Rights Act opened the doors to allow blacks to vote in large numbers, as well as run for office, for the first time since the end of Reconstruction. He would later be part of the Council's first black majority in 1980 - a sign of how much and how quickly the progress he led took place.

While many followed in his pioneering footsteps to offices, both high and low, he led the way. As such, his role should not be forgotten.

For those who knew him, and those who should (and we all should), may his legacy and memory be eternal.

3 Response to "Leroy E. Brown Sr.: Rest in Peace"

  1. Anonymous 25/1/07 13:59
    how come ty hasn't spoken up on this one? i figured he'd have something to say by now?
  2. Anonymous 26/1/07 01:06
    ty is probably in jail and unable to speak unless his attorney is present.
  3. Anonymous 26/1/07 01:26
    You know I definitely respect this man for his courage and honor. I heard Federal Judge Matthew Perry get honored by the SC Trial Lawyers at their annual convention many years ago and heard his story of arguing the famous Brown v. Board of Education case and he reminded the lawyers that constantly complain of pressure and stress. Well, the Judge, an African American described the harrassment that was applied to him and I was in the company of a hero that night. What an asset he is to his race-the human race. I still stand in awe and reflect on the courage of the silent heroes, the ones that do their duty without all the glamor for the better of all. And thus is the case of Mr. Brown too.

    Earlster, I am still up for going on a quest to get some of the Freeman's houses preserved, you game?

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