No good deed goes unpunished

No doubt there are many who feel that Viagra was a good thing. But in today's sue-happy world, you can bet no good deed will go unpunished. The latest example is a lawsuit filed by an AIDS organization suing the makers of Viagra, alleging their product is encouraging the spread of AIDS:

An AIDS organization sued Pfizer Inc. on Monday over ads the group says encourage use of Viagra as a party drug. The nonprofit group said such recreational use furthers the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The suit, filed in Los Angeles by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, calls Pfizer's ads for the impotence drug false and misleading. The suit echoes allegations made in an ad campaign announced by the group last month.

The nonprofit group alleges the marketing of Viagra has fostered an increase in the spread of STDs. Studies have found the drug is used — illegally — in conjunction with crystal methamphetamine to form a party drug "cocktail."

While crystal meth can heighten sexual desire, it also can impair the ability to have an erection, said Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. "In order to satisfy that heightened desire, you have to take Viagra," Weinstein told reporters.

-AP/Yahoo News

... and before you get run over by a drunk driver while jogging, you have to buy running shoes, so let's sue Nike and Reebok. What a load of crap.

Personally, I think this group is just looking for an out-of-court settlement to help them reach their fundraising goals. This is like suing the makers of running shoes for an increase in people getting run over by cars while jogging, because their product encourages jogging.

What would Bob Dole say about this (click on the photo to find out)?

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  1. west_rhino 23/1/07 12:48
    Earl, this makes as much sense as suing Glock, Colt or Smith and Wesson for making handguns that are subjected to illegal use to rob or murder someone. Rhetorically, I have to wonder where the suits against Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, GM, Mitsubishi, Toyota et al are for the legal manufacture of vehicles involved in DUI fatalaties? Segrams, Schafer, Coors and Stolichnaya all seem to be escaping prosecution in these cases.

    While in principle I might agree with some of this groups aims, extolling responsible behavior, even celibacy or chastity would be a better sign of their honest intent.

    Earl, we're to the point that the Red Cross Blood Services must now define in the prescreeining literature what constitutes sexual contact (thank you Slick Willie). If this suit is allowed to go forward, perhaps we ought to seek a class action suit against Slick on behalf of any that happen to catch something after his eatin' ain't cheatin' episode.
  2. Jane 23/1/07 17:31
    I worked in law offices in the 1980s. I thought the stories from back then were bad. This takes the cake.
  3. Moye 23/1/07 21:50
    You know they are trying to make this drug over the counter.
  4. Anonymous 26/1/07 01:05
    Well, I guess those folks are going to have to sue God over me. I am in my middle age, by any defintion. But, anytime I see the old lady in one of her tight v neck sweaters or in those tight black pants she on occasion wears, the old boy is ready to rumble, so to speak. It does not takea pill, just the old lady dressed in one of her hot outfits. I guess that means somebody has to sue God, because he made me and gave me this with drive, so to speak, for the old lady.

    BTW, the old lady never complains about it. So I wonder who will sue me, some jealous gay guy who ain't gettin' the big fella?
  5. Anonymous 26/1/07 07:47
    ty says "stop picking on them"
  6. Anonymous 26/1/07 14:31
    Does Bill McAbee know about this?
  7. Butthead 27/1/07 17:12
    hey beavis, check out the chick over there. with girls like her, i don't need viagra.

    bbbooinnnggggg ... aaaaggghhhh!!!

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