Restless and Wild: Accept's first major label album

This is the first of three album reviews of the German metal band Accept that you'll see this month...

Following a 1981 tour with Judas Priest, the German metal band landed a major record label deal, and from that came their first major release, "Restless and Wild" in 1982.

This album featured the fastest metal to date, and was clearly one of the precursors of the speed metal movement in which bands like Metallica and Slayer would make their names.

The opening song "Fast as a Shark" opens with a piercing scream and one of the fastest metal songs ever performed by any band. The rest of the album just comes at ya ... one after another.

My favorite songs on the album? Fast as a Shark, Restless and Wild, and Don't Go Stealing my Soul away.

Definitely an album you need to get, while you still can find it.

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