Sanford says "Grab a wrench"

A recent editorial from Governor Sanford challenges us to get behind a reform agenda to help move this state forward economicially. In looking at the reforms he points out - workers' comp., restructuring, cost of government, and DUI reform - I couldn't agree more with the need to prioritize these items:

In today's world, we're in a global race for jobs, capital and ultimately way of life with the other six and half billion souls on Earth. I have talked fairly incessantly over the last few years about what we all know at a gut level -- that change is real. Indeed, change is here, and therefore, we can't keep doing things as we've always done them in South Carolina government and thrive in today's world.

It is a long way from NASCAR's idea of fixing an engine, but many of us grew up seeing cars pulled underneath big oak trees that allowed their owners to pull the engine for repair with a chain and a hoist. The legislative session we're now in represents this year's chance to better tune the way things work in South Carolina. It also represents an opportunity for each one of us to grab a wrench and lend a hand. I write to ask that you join us in this year's engine work and to list a few things that are at the top of our work list.

While I've disagreed over the extent of restructuring the constitutional offices, I've argued that our state needs to commit itself to continually assessing and reorganizing state government to meet changing times and needs. Even reforms made in the 90s might be obsolete today.

3 Response to "Sanford says "Grab a wrench""

  1. Anonymous 30/1/07 11:14
    with you, "grab a WENCH" might apply more.
  2. Anonymous 31/1/07 01:24
    again, how can you oppose restructing the comptroller and support reform, much less this governor? i don't get it.
  3. Moye 31/1/07 14:53
    I wish we could reform Education. It is so vital to the future of our nation and state.

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