SCDOT disclaimer

Some of you may have noticed my disclaimer on commentary related to the SCDOT and issues involving that agency.

This year, the SCDOT is the subject of a number of allegations, as well as governmental restructuring discussions. As a public agency, it is the right of those who do not benefit from policy decisions affecting that agency to speak out. But is is also the responsibility of those who could benefit from those decisions to not exert undue influence or promote information which may be biased.

As I work for a highway contractor, it would be unethical for me to discuss SCDOT policies or anything which could affect the SCDOT. So, aside from the occasional satirical posts, such as the recent JC Hammer/Mike Reino episode, "Mike Reino: Missing in Action", and the "Mike Reino Memorial Nothing", you will see no discussion of anything involving the SCDOT on this blog site.

Further, comments on postings which stray into issues related to the SCDOT will be approved on a case-by-case basis. I may not reject all of them, but I may exercise some degree editorial review before approving them.

Any opinions you see here which may raise issues which might distantly be related to the SCDOT or anything else where my company has a business interest are my opinions only, and not to express any position or policy of my company.

In no way was this disclaimer motivated by any directive from my employer or anyone else - in fact, it's been an unspoken rule that I've tried to stick by. However, with the ongoing issues, I wanted to make my position and my policy on this matter clear.

Now that I've made this clear, let's get back to the blogging ...

2 Response to "SCDOT disclaimer"

  1. Brian McCarty 1/2/07 06:06
    Great statement, Earl. I never ceased to be amazed at who reads these blogs. I appreciate your committment to ethics.
  2. Anonymous 2/2/07 10:49
    you, ethical? whatever.

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