Who nose what will happen now?

In the 80s, Quiet Riot's song "Sign of the Times" warned us about the hazards posed to underage females when a band came to town:

Well I have street sense radar
Ooh, is supposed be news
You better lock up your daughters
You never know when we're due

Of course, some of you may have heard that Michael Jackson has chosen to return to the United States.

The silver lining to this news is that you can rest assured that no matter what else might come of this sad turn of events ... your underage daughters are perfectly safe.

4 Response to "Who nose what will happen now?"

  1. Anonymous 27/1/07 18:53
    ... as opposed to ware shoals, where the girls run wild.
  2. Anonymous 28/1/07 12:25
    Jackson gives new meaning to the term"jacko".

    Little boys are in danger. For Jackson likes to "wacko jacko."

    Young boys wonder why can't Jessica Simpson have the same desire?
  3. Moye 28/1/07 14:30
    So right.
  4. Anonymous 31/1/07 01:26
    whatever he does ... don't ... sneeze ...

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