Birthday Drama

When I started this blog, I thought I'd share some thoughts on what was going on in the world around me, as well as my academic work. After a while, I decided to let it "hang out" a bit by sharing a little personal info here and there.

It didn't take long for the crazies to come a'howling.

I've gotten used to the occasional bombshell being submitted. So long as they weren't terribly offensive, I approved them, mostly for entertainment value and to remain an outlet of free speech.

But what I can't figure out is what it is about my birthday posting that set off the freaks and made the knives come out - anger, amusement, revenge, a combination of these reasons, or something entirely different. If you think the comments I approved were out there, you should have seen the ones I rejected.

I guess someone out there thinks I'm trying to portray myself as some sort of SuperCitizen or Man of the Year, but ya know, a self-admitted heavy metal headbanger with two divorces, a high-school dropout turned non-traditional college student ... that's someone who is not a saint, has a checkered past, still has at least a few screws loose, and is probably not the person you'd want your daughter to have a relationship with.

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I don't think those 83 average daily visitors really care about "who he is" so much as they're tuned in to find out "what crap is he gonna say today".

In any event, thank you for the entertainment which I suppose is your birthday present to me. I'm flattered that I'm so important that I'm worth so much of your time, effort, and passion. I didn't think that anyone cared about me so much.

But please, go find a more appropriate forum this crap, ok?

6 Response to "Birthday Drama"

  1. Dizzy Chick 5/2/07 08:52
    ... ooohhhh baby, you know we've still got the hots for you.
  2. Anonymous 5/2/07 09:38
    it takes some real losers to crap up your birthday.

    sorry for the drama. i guess some people just can't live without you.
  3. Anonymous 5/2/07 11:04
    I agree. Some people need to grow up.
  4. Anonymous 6/2/07 22:51
    Yes, Happy Birthday dude, and I understand why you went to bed early. Hell I would also. HopefullyI will be able to make the trip to have lunch this week. I will give you a shout tomorrow.

    One question though, where is the Van Halen, and David Lee Roth reunion info. I see your blog sings , Jamies crying so how bout some info on the tour, I heard 80 cities.

    And to your fan club, get a life so you can travel the roads this gent makes.

    Sant? LOL Don't think so, devil neither, just a straight up dude is all, trying to live his life and help others. Word of wisdom to my younger birthday boy, "you can only help those that can help themselves", which might explain your current malay with the cyber stalkers.

    Have a good one man.
  5. Moye 7/2/07 21:27
    You want me to send the boys in.
  6. Earl Capps 7/2/07 22:50
    sure, moye .. the big mean italian guys?

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