Can anyone explain the whole "Iran War" thing?

For the last few weeks, I've been seeing this paranoia over war with Iran in the media, fueled by Democrats whose frantic statements about "the President can't go to war with Iran", but I can't figure out where it's coming from.

Now a Rasmussen poll says 57% of Americans believe we'll be at war with Iran:

Fifty-seven percent (57%) of American adults say it is at least somewhat likely that the United States will be at war with Iran before another year goes by.

A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of 1,000 adults found that 23% believe that War with Iran is Very Likely. Another 34% say it is Somewhat Likely. Thirty-two percent (32%) disagree and say War with Iran is Not Very Likely (26%) or Not at All Likely (6%).

Fifty-five percent (55%) of Republicans believe war is likely along with 59% of Democrats. Younger Americans are more likely to believe that war is coming than their elders.
Looking back before we went into Iraq, there was a whole chain of events that took place ... going to the United Nations, talking with allies, having discussions with opinion leaders and Congress ... lots of open talk about military force, and then a period of mobilization of military force. Last time I checked, none of this is taking place with regard to Iran, so in the absence of military efforts, I'm at a loss to understand what is going on here.

Since when has there ever been any discussion from anyone about for an invasion of Iran, and even more importantly, where would these forces come from? I don't know who really buys into this crap, but it just goes to show that the American people aren't as smart as some people think.

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  1. Joshua Gross 22/2/07 10:06
    Those are two separate questions.

    1. Will we invade Iran (like we invaded Iraq) utilizing ground troops? Nope, not gonna happen.

    2. Will we utilize air power to strike Iranian targets capable of producing nuclear weapons materials? I'd bet yes, with about 85-90% certainty, probably before the end of this year. We've already moved one fleet into the Gulf with that apparent purpose, with a second arriving this week or next. Couple that with a new commander of Central Command - a Navy Admiral with air power experience rather than a ground general as has been recent tradition, and you have a pretty compelling case that we're going to be dropping some JDAMS...

    That's not to say we should or shouldn't (I'd argue we should, but that's another question...) just that I think we will.
  2. Jane 22/2/07 12:45
    Check Glenn Beck's stuff (radio show, website, and television show). He has claimed our true/real aim has always been Iran.

    Sorry, but I have not followed this closely enough to even attempt to offer any of his details/ideas here.
  3. Anonymous 22/2/07 13:27
    Ron Wilson would never lead this country into a war it can not win.

    What is wrong with Iran? They reject queers, McDonalds and blue jeans.

    I say, we have more in common with them than different.

    Why pick a war with people who think like we ought to?

    Southern Fried
  4. Anonymous 22/2/07 16:47
    What's wrong with a nation that wants to exterminate Jewish vermin?

    Only fools like you who dilute the pure white race would want to protect Jews. What a filthy freak you are.

    One day, you too will pay for your crimes against your race.
  5. west_rhino 22/2/07 22:43
    Poor anon, if you understood that to the Mohammedan, Jews and Christians are the same "vermin" the prospect of their development of a nuke might be a bit more unsettling. On the other hand, the Klan and Nazis aren't particularly Christian, so I'll suppose that the toasty reward they will probably share with Saddam will still be a fabrication as they burn.

    To the point Earl, rolling over as complacently as the French have become accustomed for the Germans, is the poltroon's choice of the hate America first crowd, dichotomusly composed of reds (both commies and necks), Greens, Nazis, gays and peaceniks. All of whom accept Tehran's hoodna as "peace in our time".

    Dubya seems to have a grasp on talking softly and carrying a big stick. This time the excuse wasn't an expolsion in Havana's harbor (and the impact of that is memorialized on both the Statehouse grounds and at Whitepoint Garden in Chucktown), rather two towers in NYC, a section of the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania.

    I don't have to look too far back to recall a union position that Bush 41 was going to get us into a war, just to be re-elected. The "Iran War" thing has the same stench of a complicitious press that worked to elect Slick Willy. Yup, the same Slick that David Geffen acknowleges as a skilled, pragmatic liar (q.v. hoodna).

    Done correctly, an action against Iran brings the son of Reza Palavi to control Iran and calms the house of S'aud like a good dose of diazepam and atavan. Done incorrectly, some might consider it to be urban renewal for Manhattan.
  6. Anonymous 23/2/07 00:10
    dude - you sure know how to draw the freaks and kooks.
  7. Sargeant D 23/2/07 00:17
    Fuck the middle east
    There's too many problems
    They just get in the way
    We sure could live without them
    They hijack our planes
    They raise our oil prices
    We'll kill them all and have a ball
    And end their fuckin' crisis
    BEIRUT, LEBANON-Won't exist once we're done
    LIBYA, IRAN-We'll flush the bastards down the can
    SYRIANS and SHIITES-Crush their faces with our might
    Then Israel and Egypt can live in peace without these dicks
  8. Anonymous 23/2/07 23:42
    that last poster sure was getting philosophical, wasn't he?
  9. Anonymous 25/2/07 14:13
    I am sure that Ty would agree this is more proof that whitey is secretly out to get everyone, including Iran.
  10. mg 25/2/07 20:09
    Since most Americans seem to think we are going to invade. Lets do it.
  11. Anonymous 26/2/07 19:24

    Didn't really fit this posting, but thought people should see some of the MANY good things our soldiers do.

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