Getting ready for Valentine's Day?

There are many of us who plan ahead for holidays, including Valentine's Day. Normally, it's understandable, especially for those of you who like being married.

As for me, two divorces later, I've become a little more cynical and just about convinced of three things:

1) Most the good ones really are taken,
2) Being twice-divorced is a big turn-off for women, and
3) There is a big "KICK THE CRAP OUT OF ME" sign on my back.

To reinforce these notions, I got an email from someone I'd chatted with online a couple of times, but never met in person. Little did I know I'd ended up in some sort of list of guys she was planning to hook up with. There were about a dozen other guys in the cc list (most of them were probably just as surprised as I was).

It made me wonder what kind of person I was dealing with, so I thought I'd share it with my readers to see what ya'll think:

This is just a reminder for those of you who are interested in being my PRINCE, Valentine's Day is coming very soon. Creativity and Originality counts more than the price. Good luck every one

If this reminder offends anyone, feel free to curse me out or delete it and keep going.

While some of ya'll might have theories as to who it might be, the sender and recipients will be kept totally confidential. However, I assure ya'll that the female who wrote this email is NOT ...
- A former legislator from James Island,
- One of my disgruntled ex-females,
- Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, or
- Anyone employed by a member of Anderson County Council.

Personally, I think this is someone who has watched so many "reality" shows that the only reality she knows is that which can only be found in the Twilight Zone.

So, today's question ... is it me, or is this gal playing the field like a common garden implement?

13 Response to "Getting ready for Valentine's Day?"

  1. Brian McCarty 1/2/07 09:28
    Advice my grandfather, who has nearly been married for 60 years to my grandmother gave me: "be thankful for the days the card compainies promote so well you can not help but remember them."

    The other nugget of advice: "the secret to nearly sixty years of marriage is that your grandmother is always right, even when she is wrong. "
  2. Anonymous 1/2/07 09:48
    dude - if you hook up with her after all, be sure to boil it when you're done. don't want to catch any garden bugs when you use the ho.
  3. Anonymous 1/2/07 09:52
    you mean it's not lynn seithel or amy plummer?
  4. Anonymous 1/2/07 09:54
    I think she is the one that should be boiling her stuff. Mr. Capps has made it his mission to repopulate South Carolina.
  5. Brian McCarty 1/2/07 11:06
    Let me be clear, my grandma ain't involved in Plummer's mess or anyone elses. Forget the 6'3 husky ex boxer that is me, you don't want to deal with that eighty something year old ex navy man that is my grandfather. He will knock you flat on your ass. So, I hope to God some of these comments ain't about grandma, for your sake.
  6. Anonymous 1/2/07 11:21
    brian, i think they're talking about the email hoe ... or maybe plummer ... or seithel - the one by whom many guys come up with scratch for their efforts.
  7. Anonymous 1/2/07 12:15
    Mayhaps a Ware Shoals cheerleader?
  8. Anonymous 1/2/07 13:29
  9. Anonymous 1/2/07 14:50
    the girl is totally a skank ho. so are the ones who are dissing you here.

    if they have a need to create drama, why don't they just buzz off?
  10. Anonymous 1/2/07 14:56
    totally a ho. you're right man. i'll bet every guy, except the losers, cut her ass loose when they saw what kind of a player she was.

    don't hate the playa, just the ones that don't know how to play the game.
  11. Anonymous 1/2/07 15:09
    she's the itchy and scratch show, worse than the amy plummer ho.
  12. CasaNova 1/2/07 23:13
    Ya know, the way I see it is that this girl is single for good reason. With that sort of an attitude, what kind of guy who was serious about a relationship would take HER seriously?
  13. Anonymous 2/2/07 10:35
    Between the lines is someone chumming for a train to pull?

    IMHO found in Home Depot next to the drainage spades and shrub rakes.

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