Happy Birthday to me

Tomorrow (Monday) is my birthday, and I'll be turning 36 ... is that good news, bad news, or what?

Well, I managed to live yet another year without succumbing to the urge to choke the ever-loving crap out of someone. Lord knows enough people do their best to drive me (and many of you) to that point. That we let the world live, sometimes, can be a small miracle that we have yet to fully understand. I guess that's good news.

So what's up for my birthday? Aside from work today and studying tonight, not a darn thing. It's cheaper than hitting a bar and/or bottles, and more productive. Sure it would've been nice to spend it in Outback with someone special, but I can't get that every year, I guess.

In any event, presents, especially in the forms of large packages of cash, are always gratefully accepted ...

22 Response to "Happy Birthday to me"

  1. Earl's No. 1 Groupie 4/2/07 11:22
    Happy Birthday. I have something in a large package for you. It isn't money...care to upwrap it and see what's inside ;) I'm sure it will be worth your while.
  2. Earl Capps 4/2/07 12:46
    In the time of my life when I've learned that there is a silver lining to every cloud, and a catch to everything that looks good, I'm afraid to ask what that might be.
  3. Ty-d-bowl 4/2/07 12:51
    I hope you're not expecting anyone to go out with you on a date tomorrow night. We all know that Ty has all the women, right? ;)
  4. earl's no. 1 groupie 4/2/07 13:06
    Ty-d-bowl what are you talking about? Whit all the fans Earl has he doesn't have to worry about someone going out with him...all he has to worry about is deciding which one to chose. You guys jealous that he has all the women lined up?
  5. Anonymous 4/2/07 14:11
    get plastered you basterd
  6. Anonymous 4/2/07 14:26
    i share the sentiments of the last anonymous poster. dude, go get tanked with some hot chicks!
  7. Earl Capps 4/2/07 15:09
    Thanks for the thoughts ya'll, but I think I'll stick close to home, maybe grill myself a t-bone, and study.

    It's more affordable and best of all, no crowds, no lines, and the price is darn reasonable too.
  8. Anonymous 4/2/07 15:22
    We all know just how cheap you are, just like we know you won't be celebrating alone. Loser.
  9. Betty Rubble 4/2/07 18:48
    You know anytime you need to share a moment with a floozy, all you've got to do is take a ride up to see me. This dizzy blonde is really into losers like you - just take a ride up U.S. Highway Number Four-oh-One.

    I see you've got at least one ex-piece who has so little a life that they have hang around and stir up crap in your life because nobody else wants them in theirs.

    Which says you dumped them for good reasons, in my book.
  10. Anonymous 4/2/07 22:09
    i don't know what everyone else's problem is with just saying something nice, or saying nothing at all ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  11. Mike Reino 4/2/07 22:55
    Earl, Happy Birthday. I'd have gotten you a present, but Judas Priest hasn't put out a box set yet!
  12. Anonymous 4/2/07 23:23
    mike - you should know that they did put out a box set. so start wrapping.
  13. Anonymous 4/2/07 23:28
    Happy Birthday hun. Thanks for calling me back tonight. I really appreaciate the call, and will be home tomorrow night, with dinner ready. I know salmon, but I will spice it up for you.

    Have a GREAT DAY, the world did when you were born, and double thanks for the help on my paper. ; )
  14. The Princess Bitch 5/2/07 01:14
    Anon if you think that Earl is so great then why hide your name? How well do you know your friend Earl? Did you know that he was inviting me to a hotel last weekend?
  15. Poster Girl 5/2/07 01:59
    Yeah, Happy Birthday you freak. I hope you get the clap tonight, when you should be home being a parent.
  16. Anonymous 5/2/07 02:04
    Wow guy, some people really love you, and the others really hate you.

    You sure seem to bring out the best/worst in people. What leadership video program did you learn this technique from?

    Happy Birthday!!!
  17. Anonymous 5/2/07 08:53
    I agree with some of them, but not all of them.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and sorry all the haters had to come out and rain on your parade.
  18. Joshua Gross 5/2/07 09:46
    I'll just stick to the tried and true...

  19. Anonymous 5/2/07 11:05
    ... another one of your blinded groupies checking in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  20. Brian McCarty 5/2/07 14:44
    Happy Birthday, Earl.
  21. Moye 7/2/07 21:28
    A belated Happy Birthday to you man.
  22. Moye 8/2/07 01:16
    I am tired it is after 1 AM EST and I just returned to my hotel in San Diego Del Mar. Anyway happy birthday late and if this was my second time consider it a double happy birthday man.

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