The McCarty-Wilson debate: Racism in our society and political culture

In the Gettysburg Address, President Abraham Lincoln once framed the Civil War as a conflict centered around the question of what kind of nation this would be, or if would be a nation at all. While the issue of white supremacists in the GOP raised on Brian McCarty’s blog last week certainly does not have the same kind of world-changing impact, he does ask for some serious soul-searching with regard to asking if the Republican Party will embrace those who take part in radical white supremacist efforts.

For that, he has been the target of some serious criticisms and personal attacks, and now has been challenged to debate Mr. Wilson. I found it interesting to see the original challenge which was posted on Brian's blog avoided addressing the allegations raised on Voting under the Influence, instead, he simply chose to attack the credibility of Brian and his sources.

“Simple” is the right word here. Mr. Wilson’s rhetorical tactics are simple, and seem intended to avoid discussion of the allegations made about what role may be playing in the undermining of civility and rule of law in contemporary American society.

Brian and I were raised up in a South that was just a generation removed from the Jim Crow era where our communities were segregated and most political power controlled by small circles of “good ol’ boy” elitists that denied access and due process to minorities, and to a lesser degree, even whites of lower socio-economic standing.

What many of these radicals and bigots don’t realize that the elitists at the pinnacle of the social, economic, and political structure which they claim to miss was based on education, family, wealth and land ownership. They wouldn’t have made the “A” list back then any more than they've made it now. Today’s outcast white supremacists are the inheritors of a sad tradition where the in-town crowd treated them with disdain and disgust, except to use them as the bully-boy enforcers of their Jim Crow order when challenged by “uppity” civil rights activists, blacks, or social reformers.

Personally, I am of mixed feelings about a debate, because Mr. Wilson has already shown that he is not willing to address the issues which Brian raised, or the place such views have in the present-day Republican Party, which are the only legitimate issues for a debate. Such an event would likely have a low turnout, packed with many of Wilson's parrots, and filled with the same kinds of evasions and intellectual cheapshots that he has already taken. But Brian is a grown man, capable of making his own decisions. I'll let him decide if he wants to waste an evening on the matter, but if he does, I'll be in the front row, because history teaches us that vigilance is essential to the defense of liberty.

Mr. Wilson may say that he wants a debate, but from where I see it, the debate has already begun.

If you care about this issue, then please make your voices heard.

11 Response to "The McCarty-Wilson debate: Racism in our society and political culture"

  1. Anonymous 13/2/07 04:24
    McCarty is a drunk and a womanizer. You can stand with him if you want, will go down with him if you do.

    Don't stand with the drunk, Mr. Capps, you will pay if you do.

    What is this stuff about you having a kid who is half black? Do you think that is okay. Some of us now think of Strom Thurmond as a liberal.

    Nevertheless, do not stand with the drunk Irishman.
  2. Brian McCarty 13/2/07 05:14
    I will debate Mr. Wilson. And, while I know that the venue might end up packed with the same people who live in a dream world with him, I will go forward.

    Someone has to go forth to defend the good name of this party. It look likes, however much I do not want it, that person right now is going to have to be me.

    I will show up and stand up. Who knows what happens after that. All I can offer is the truth.
  3. Earl Capps 13/2/07 06:42
    Anon 0424 - Womanizer? Drunk? I guess since he's single, he's got the right to have a girlfriend and the occasional drink.

    If he's a drunk, then I'm sure law enforcement will deal with him soon enough for DUI.

    You must be talking about my oldest daughter, Cecilia, whose mother, my first wife, was black. Wanna put that on a billboard somewhere? Let me know and I'll email you some photos you can use.

    I'll stand where I want to stand, and your smear campaigns won't back me down a bit. But they will entertain me.
  4. Anonymous 13/2/07 07:05
    McCarty will die from the flu, and we will not have to worry about him and his minions.

    Ron Wilson will win the debate by default.
  5. Anonymous 13/2/07 11:27
    Hmmm drunk and womanizer... I'll guess that is going to be the higest compliment from folks that overlook the socalist side of nationalist sociopath philsosphy.

    It does underscore the RINO slant.
  6. Anonymous 13/2/07 13:59
    Suppose Brian choses not to accept being enumerated by the Wilson 666?
  7. Anonymous 13/2/07 14:48
    "McCarty is a drunk and a womanizer. You can stand with him if you want, will go down with him if you do."
    I guess there could be worse Brian, such as; "you are a meth head gay guy" but that would not put you in the enemy category. Heck, they might even chant , "Sieg Heil" if you were that and their hero.
  8. Anonymous 13/2/07 15:06
    you think that's bad, i heard he even kicks cats and yells mean things at the kids in the neighborhood.

    i can't believe anyone would want to be associated with this guy!
  9. Anonymous 14/2/07 01:54
    On his blog, I asked Mr. McCarty how is flu thing was coming along. I hope is he feeling worse. How sad it is he is sick...yeah right. Thank God for answered prayers.

    When he heals up from wherever you liberals have him hid out at, we true Southerners will be waiting for the scalawag. He can not hide forever.

    And, Mr. Capps, we will deal with you as well, politically of course...we know both of you are getting paid huge amounts from liberals Bill McAbee and Morris Dees. We know who you are!

    Southern Fried
  10. Moye 14/2/07 23:00
    I went to several of these sites to check things out and it all left me confused. Talk about outing people. First and foremost the SCGOP is not a racist party. Second the Sons of Confederate is not a terrible organization some of their members may be this I do not know. I do know a few members and they are mostly interested in the historic value of the war and also the ones I know are very smart educated men. While I am not a member I did have several relatives that fought for the South in the war of northern aggression and my favorite General is Jeb Stuart. I believe General Lee made a terrible mistake in taking our troops to Northern Virginia. I always wanted to believe the war was mostly for states rights but also believe now that as much of it had to do with slavery as anything. We were destined to lose that war because of slavery and because it was wrong then and has been since the beginning of time. I also believe the first modern day terroist is General Sherman of the Union Army. I also believe where it can be proven that the USA should apoligize for what Sherman did and if possible restitution should be made to the relatives of the surviors of Sherman and his march on the south. I actually have seen Morris Dees in action and believe he is very much a left leaning liberal and I have no use for him. He has done some great things for sure in the civil rights movement but he has also reached a point where he is blind against anything that may seem not in line with what he thinks this country should be. In other words he has became what he has spent his life trying to correct. While we still have a problem here with race and I pray one day we can put it behind us I feel we are still a long way from that and a lot of it may be due to organizations such as the Sons of Confederate, Southern Poverty, NAACP, KKK, Nazis, NCAA also such stuff as Black History Month, St. Patricks Day, Confederate Day, President Day hell even Valentines day you get the point. Everybody is concerned with their on agenda. Just don't call me a racist when you hear my accent or find out I am from the South. The war is over. Slavery is over. Germany got its ass whipped. Yes I still want C. Rice as my next VP. Peace.
  11. Sergeant D 23/2/07 00:20
    Can you hear me now?

    You come into this country
    You can't get real jobs
    Boats and boats and boats of you
    Go home you fuckin' slobs
    Selling hot dogs on the corner
    Selling papers in the street
    Pushing, pulling, digging, sweating
    Where you come from must be beat

    You always make us wait
    You're the ones we hate
    You can't communicate
    Speak English Or Die

    You don't know what I want
    You don't know what I need
    Why must I repeat myself
    Can't you fuckin' read?
    Nice fuckin' accents
    Why can't you speak like me
    What's that dot on you head,
    Do you use it to see??

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