Mike Campbell endorses ... ah, who really cares?

The last thing I heard, Mike's brother was still in McCain's camp, but who knows?

A major turn in the 2008 Presidential primary occured when ... aahhh dammit, I can't even type this with a straight face ...


Ok, so maybe you're not impressed. But then again, neither was I.

Since it's Valentine's Day, and we're supposed to be showing some love, let's show a little Blogland Love to Mikey by looking at the media release announcing his endorsement. It included FIVE paragraphs about Carroll Campbell (who didn't endorse Huckabee), one about his wife (who did), and believe it or not - just one stinking paragraph about Mikey. Let's take a look ...

CARROLL PARA. 1) Since 1980, the late Governor Carroll Campbell and his family have played an integral role in helping each candidate they have chosen to support ...

CARROLL PARA. 2) In the late 1970’s, then-Congressman Carroll Campbell, along with close friend Lee Atwater, mapped out a plan ...

CARROLL PARA. 3) In 1980, the first South Carolina primary was held. That year the SC party established led by Sen. Strom Thurmond and former Gov. Jim Edwards supported early frontrunner, John Connelly (they misspelled Connally - whoops!)

CARROLL PARA. 4) Carroll Campbell signed on to be Reagan’s state chairman. Together, the Campbells and Lee Atwater delivered a resounding victory for Reagan in South Carolina ...

CARROLL PARA. 5) Barbara Bush has stated that “neither my husband nor my son would have been president had it not be for the efforts of Carroll and Iris Campbell.”

... and FINALLY A PARAGRAPH ABOUT MIKE CAMPBELL: Having learned at the feet of his masterful father, Mike Campbell, the Campbell’s youngest son, is continuing the late Governor’s legacy. In June 2006, he won a three-way primary for Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina by 8% — before narrowly losing in a run-off two weeks later (by less than 2%) to the incumbent. Despite his loss, he is widely considered a rising star within the GOP.

In the usual style of writing news stories and press releases follows an inverted pyramid style, where the most important information is usually put up front. But, I guess if that was done, all the good stuff - the Carroll Campbell record - would have been overlooked.

In the humble opinion of the Blogland, you can't say enough good things about Carroll Campbell oftehn enough, especially since it's unlikely the state history textbooks will include any mention of Carroll Campbell until a Republican Education Superintendent is elected to the Kremlin on Rutledge Street.

In reading this media release, we are left with a few questions:

1) What (if any) other qualifications does this guy have?
2) Who in the world really considers this guy a "rising star"?
3) How desperate is the Huckabee campaign anyway?

All good questions to ask, and I'm betting that Mikey and/or the Huckabee campaign will have as much to say about this posting as the last one I wrote on the Huckabee candidacy. But they're certainly welcome to respond, and we promise to print it, provided it is written better than the aforementioned media release.

Don't forget that whereever you are, whatever you're doing today, it's Valentine's Day. So be sure to take a few minuts to show a little love to someone who has it coming.

14 Response to "Mike Campbell endorses ... ah, who really cares?"

  1. Moye 14/2/07 09:54
    Mr. Huckabee seems to be a nice guy. Met him one time at our Governors Beach/BBQ at the Mansion. He also does not have a chance. He should save his money.
  2. Anonymous 14/2/07 11:52
    Message to Junior:

    There's no way, *no* way that you came from *my* loins. Soon as I get home, first thing I'm gonna do is punch yo mamma in da mouth!
  3. Anonymous 14/2/07 12:00
    I don't know anyone who cares. Good point.
  4. Anonymous 14/2/07 15:13
    Maybe Andre will give him flying lessons...
  5. Anonymous 14/2/07 15:29
    anon 1513, that sounds like a threat to me ;)
  6. Anonymous 14/2/07 22:01
    Michael Campbell’s petulant behavior after his loss in the Republican primary was not that a pleasing spectacle.

    Everyone knows who Carroll Campbell is, as Michael Campbell thrives in reminding us that Carroll is his father, and was a great man. But Carroll Campbell was a “Republican Party Man”, and his son Michael is a “Michael Campbell Man” and therein is only one of the differences. Carroll Campbell would have supported Andre Bauer and the rest of the ticket. He would have stumped for them, and raised money, and demonstrated to the public that he was a man of character and substance.

    But Michael Campbell is different. Reared in the cocoon of wealth and power, he finds that working diligently and achieving honest accomplishment does not come naturally to him. Nursing personal wounds from a political race and harboring small minded grudges are easier.

    So now Michael Campbell begins his pathetic attempt to become relevant, and has discovered his staff can write press releases that are flattering but not meaningful. What Mike Campbell needs is a resume…with real accomplishments.

    Michael Campbell may be Carroll Campbell’s son, but he is not his political heir.
  7. Moye 14/2/07 22:27
    After reading anon 22:01 it brings to mind something I wrote and said several times after Mike lost the runoff. He should had came out fighting for Bauer. It was ok to challenge him for sure but a real Republican would have handled defeat better. This really disappointed me with Mike. The best man did win and that was Andre. Mike can maybe still be a factor in the party but he has got to really want to be and he also needs to rebuild some bridges then we the public can choose.
  8. Anonymous 15/2/07 08:10
    mikey is a big wuss. time for him to go away and not bother anyone anymore.
  9. Anonymous 15/2/07 09:07
    I would have been more impressed with an announcement that Joe Shmoe had endorsed Huckabee. Let's give Mikey his due, or should I say "do."

    As they said last summer in the primary, Mikey might have a bright future if he started where he belongs such as starting out running for the State House, or County Council. Mikey do!

    Cream rises to the top and other things sink to the bottom. Let's see where Huckabee finishes in the pack.
  10. Anonymous 15/2/07 13:26
    To Little Mikie Campbell...

    Resume’…. a summary of somebody’s educational and work experience, for the information of possible future employers

    Hey Mike Campbell…get one of these…and get back to us. And “appointed political hack jobs” do not count.

    The Public
  11. Mike Campbell 15/2/07 13:58
    Dear The Public:

    You must not know a lot about politics.

    In case you did not read the media release I wrote (can you see my qualifications in media relations?), my father has a lot of experience, and I was his son while he was off doing all these great things.

    With a record like his, it should be obvious what I can do. What else do you really need to know about me?

    You can rest assured that I have all the skills necessary to back up my status as a rising star in the national Republican Party.

    I'm insulted that someone would want to compare me to the son of Buford T. Justis. After all, that sheriff was an idiot, and you know my father was the greatest South Carolinian of the 20th century.

    He worked hard from the bottom, running for all those petty offices like seats in the General Assembly and state delegate slots. But since he did all the hard work for me, I'm entitled to start at the top.
  12. Earl Capps 15/2/07 14:09
    I hope Mike Campbell really didn't write that!
  13. Anonymous 15/2/07 14:20
    no, that probably really was the little retard.
  14. Anonymous 15/2/07 17:12
    The truly amazing thing is that it is difficult to find ANYONE that likes the gnome.

    His advisors are not serving him well. They should have advised him to:
    1. Support the party nominee, Mr. Bauer, for Lt. Gov.
    2. Stumped for the entire ticket.
    3. Get a JOB, outside of politics. (or at least be actively involved in the family business).
    4. Purchase lifts for his shoes…and require him to stop wearing loafers.
    5. Get a JOB (repeated here for emphasis).

    He needs to wait 2 election cycles, put his crayon to paper and write an accurate and meaningful resume’.

    And for now…shut up and get out of sight!

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