Neo-nazis attack S.C. blogger

Brian McCarty at Voting under the Influence has become the target of a some real live ones after posting his concerns about Ron Wilson, a GOP member of Anderson County Council:

The traditional breed of RINO is a politician who labels himself a Republican but is thought to be more of a Democrat in nature. However, there is another breed of RINO, and that is fascists who hide behind the Republican Party name and tarnish the conservative movement. Anderson County Councilman Ron Wilson is one of that different breed of RINO.

Both sides of this issue, both Wilson and McCarty defenders, are going at it pretty good in the comments section, including what appear to be some pretty serious threats against McCarty for expressing his opinions:
Mr. McCarty, you do no know who and what you are messing with. But, you will. Just wait and see how your life goes the next few weeks. You will regret this post. I promise you.

Mr. McCarty, we are watching you and yours. The South will Rise Again, and when it does, you will hang, sir.

The self proclaimed rocky balboa of sc republican politics comes out swinging, but I think in this sequel Rocky will get killed.

Wow - someone is taking this stuff pretty seriously. Go take a look and feel free to chime in with your thoughts about his posting, or the comments.

While we're talking about Neo-Nazism, here's some information about a Nazi advocate for racial purity, who in the good Aryan tradition, was a lifetime advocate of keeping the races pure and sex partners underage. I wonder what Mr. Wilson thinks of his teachings.

17 Response to "Neo-nazis attack S.C. blogger"

  1. Anonymous 9/2/07 15:58
    we'll be coming for you and your friend mccarty. you won't get away with this.
  2. Anonymous 9/2/07 16:07
  3. Anonymous 9/2/07 16:13
    Get away with what? We are mighty sensitive, aren't we? Capps, you and McCarty are awesome, even when I disagree with you. Keep giving em hell.
  4. Anonymous 9/2/07 19:39
    You becareful too. we are praying for your protection as well. These guys are bad news.
  5. Anonymous 9/2/07 19:44
    Hang in there Earl and keep up the good work. Is there more to know?
  6. Earl Capps 9/2/07 20:25
    yeah, there's a lot more to know about them ... but most of it centers around the fact that they're nuts.
  7. Anonymous 9/2/07 21:35
    This group is rank at best. Here is a link to them on the Southern Poverty Law Centers Intelligence Center, and an article on Wilson.

    Funny note, what happened the last time Morris came to South Carolina?
    I guess we know who has the real lawyers. And I have copied all the messages etc and sent them to Morris.

    Really I guess the threat of competition on equal ground scares the heck out of these folks. It would me if I were weak too. But much like the originators of the Nazi party in Germany these are no
    ubermann. Look at Hitler, Himmler, and the original members, were they supermen? I think they were wimps like these guys.

    We will address the use of meth and the homosexuality in the Nazi Party later.
  8. Moye 9/2/07 21:44
    I thought all the neo nazis were in Idaho and Montana
  9. Anonymous 10/2/07 11:26
    It seems that Christian Exodus likes these guys too
  10. Anonymous 10/2/07 12:19
    the photos are hilarious. are those hitler's boyfriends in the background?
  11. Anonymous 10/2/07 14:25
    That picture of Hitler is closer to the truth than you might believe. Now that the story is finally being told I find it hilarious that Hitler was thought gay by his WW1 pals.

    Better though is the gender identity problems of Hermann Göring while awaiting trial after the war. Wearing lipstick and make up is a hoot, not to mention that his warden (a Colonel) had to break his opiate addiction. Heck , maybe he was a role model for Anna Nicole, red lipstick and opiates.
  12. Save Anderson County 10/2/07 15:04
    Learn all about Ron Wilson, Kirk Lyons, and Wilson's biggest supporter, State Senator Kevin Bryant, at
  13. Earl Capps 10/2/07 19:04
    In looking what everyone has had to say here and on Voting under the Influence, I think Mr. Wilson and his friends shouldn't have set Brian McCarty off.

    They certainly didn't help their image by this exchange.
  14. Save Anderson County 10/2/07 19:13
    The "Chief Chaplain" Ron Wilson appointed when he was "Commander In Chief" of the National SCV preached a sermon that attacked "racial interbreeding" as ungodly and described slavery as biblically sanctioned.

    Why are we surprised that the racist extremists threaten those trying to expose him with violence and death.

    When in the heck did Powdersville, SC become the very center of hate in America. I've been here more than 20 years. I know this isn't who we are. But, folks, that's how we're being portrayed. It won't be long before a big picture of Ron Wilson's fat face will be on CNN, above a caption that says, "Racism alive and well in Powdersville". And it's only going to get words unless we PUSH BACK and SPEAK UP!
  15. SJ Reidhead 10/2/07 21:55
    Excellent. Over at The Pink Flamingo I've been trying to link Wilson, and a few other delightful individuals to the "Springtime for Hitler" crowd. Fantastic stuff! You have just made my life much easier.

    SJ Reidhead
  16. Anonymous 11/2/07 09:47
    That's the most flattering picture of Ron Wilson I've ever seen!
  17. Ron Wilson 11/2/07 23:11
    thank you. i was part of an opening act for a drag show on a weekend trip to boston.

    i want to disagree with ty. i've met some truly fantastic examples of white power. real hunks that will make a man feel like a boy all over again.

    i sure hope christian exodus gets some cuties to move to anderson county! i get tired of looking at bill mcabee and his bimbo.

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