Poor Joe Biden

Poor Joe Biden - his second attempt at running for President ruined by the simple act of opening his mouth on the first day of his candidacy, with this interesting choice of words about another Democratic presidential hopeful:

You got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.

Absolutely amazing ... who was the speechwriter who dreamed this stunt up? John Kerry?!?

Maybe the good Senator (and Presidential aspirant) from Delaware should've stuck to plagiarized speeches. After all, if you can't get it right on your own, just use what worked for someone else instead ...

7 Response to "Poor Joe Biden"

  1. Anonymous 1/2/07 17:55
    hey joe, where you going, running around with that speech in your hand?

    i'm going to shoot my candidacy. you know i wanted to be king of the land.

    hey joe, i heard you shot your bid down, shot it down ...
  2. Earl Capps 1/2/07 23:10
    Hey dude, that looks like you did a Biden with some Hendrix lyrics. What's up with that?
  3. Anonymous 2/2/07 10:37
    Ty, here's a tip, don't pick up the soap when your cellblock goes to the shower...
  4. Anonymous 3/2/07 03:23
    shame on you for posting such an unflattering picture next to your remarks. it is bad enough that you have to make a low blow, but then you have to add to it with that unfair picture.
  5. Anonymous 3/2/07 23:28
    The Hendrix comment forced me to immediately close the laptop due to the possibility of electric shock. Giggling and slobbering profusely would not adequately describe my state when I read it earlier. However, we all know that Biden is just promoting his new books to come out soon, "History of the English Speaking People", and then he will find out that Churchill stole his thoughts with some kind of Seer stone I believe.
  6. Anonymous 5/2/07 02:02
    Biden will far about as well this time as he did the last time.

    Since George Allen did himself in, I guess Biden is our best hope for rambling, loose cannon rhetoric on the campaign trail now.
  7. Vera H. 7/2/07 10:10
    Dopey Joe Biden.

    What was offensive about Biden's comments was the element of surprise aspect to them. A good black person!?! I'm shocked!

    It's just the sort of casual racism that gets tossed about by a person would seem to know better, but doesn't.

    It's not a Democratic or Republican thing; it's an ignorant thing that sees blacks as merely burdens to society.

    Perhaps Biden needs to see black Americans as real humans beings with highs, lows, and in betweens rather than as a lump of race.

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