Red Cross First Aid and CPR training

This past Saturday, and the next two, I'll be down in Bluffton, taking the Red Cross First Aid and CPR Instructor training course. When I'm done, I'll be able to add safety training, in support of my company's Safety Director's efforts, to my growing portfolio of work responsibilities.

This will allow me to not only be more knowledgable in life-saving techniques, but to help teach others how they can do the same. While the instructor training is a series of classes lasting about thirty hours over three weeks, the First Aid and CPR classes only take four to six hours.

In fact, I might even organize a Red Cross First Aid/CPR training class or two at various locations around the state this summer, and challenge my readers and fellow bloggers to participate so they can become certified to render First Aid and CPR!

This way, when bad things happen, you'll be able, knowledgable, and prepared to respond in a pro-active role.

Homeland Security isn't just about stopping bad guys - it's about responding to any kind of disasters which threaten the well-being of our fellow citizens ... and it involves YOU, so don't sit on the sidelines - GET INVOLVED!

*** UPDATE - After several phone calls and emails in response to this posting, look for the first class to be held in Columbia at my company's maintenance shop off US 21/176/321 in the Dixiana area one Saturday in May or June.

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  1. Anonymous 19/2/07 11:40
    You'll have my email about participating when you set up a Midlands event.
  2. Anonymous 19/2/07 12:35
    this is an excellent idea, and i hope your blog readers take the time to do something positive and constructive for their community by participating in this event.
  3. Anonymous 19/2/07 12:46
    keep us posted - maybe you can help us organize a class in the florence area?
  4. Anonymous 19/2/07 12:53
    I have been wanting to take CPR for some time as my dad has a heart condiditon. This may be just the thing I need to get going.
  5. west_rhino 19/2/07 15:01
    Earl, most hospitals ans some county adult education programs offer CPR courses, though I cannot address their effectiveness of getting out dates, times and contact info, if someone has an urgent need to be trained or re-certified (yup, every two years for Heart Association training) those are strong points of contact.
  6. Earl Capps 19/2/07 16:07
    west - you're right, anyone who needs to do it shouldn't wait, but when i'm traveling the state to offer the classes, nobody really has any excuses not to, now do they?
  7. MG 20/2/07 17:54
    I am required to take this every year for CPR and First Aid. I use the Carolinas Hospital System in Florence mostly and I am also wanting to do something for the Clarendon GOP one Saturday after all the conventions etc. is over. Maybe you and I can set something up. It would be nice to have your help and I will buy lunch at D & H.
  8. Brian McCarty 25/2/07 03:12
    Send me an email on how to sign up for the training at Dixiana. I was once certified back in college, but I have let it lapse.

    I would like to take this course.
  9. Anonymous 18/4/09 22:07
    i have a friend who wants to get cpr certified but doesnt know where to go can you help
  10. Earl Capps 18/4/09 22:16
    Tell your friend to google "red cross" and the nearest city for information about the nearest Red Cross chapter for class information.

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