Ron Wilson to face racism allegations

First off, please overlook the desecration of the Confederate battle flag by neo-Nazi inbreeds.

It looks like Ron Wilson, whose connections to white supremacist groups has been a question of a bit of blog discussion as of late, is willing to stand and deliver after all.

He and Brian McCarty have agreed to take part in a forum regarding Mr. Wilson's views and associations Monday at six p.m. ... at a location far from his Council district in upper Anderson County. Go figure ...

Anderson County Council member Ron Wilson will appear at a public forum at 6 p.m. Monday at the Anderson County Fair and Expo Center to answer questions and respond to charges about his background.

Mr. Wilson called the Anderson Independent-Mail this past Monday to say he is tired of hearing charges that he’s a racist and has had close relationships with leaders from the far-right conservative movement.

- Anderson Independent-Mail

After the threats, insults, racial slurs, and rantings that Brian and I have endured the last few days, I'm glad to see this making headway. If you can make it to this event, please don't miss it.

34 Response to "Ron Wilson to face racism allegations"

  1. Anonymous 16/2/07 01:47
    I think Mr. Wilson will prove himself to be on the extreme left side of the bell curve. He already has by making it such an issue in the media, a classic PR faux paus.
  2. Brian McCarty 16/2/07 02:15
    Earl, I am still waiting to hear about the ground rules of this so called debate. I must make clear the time and place were a "must" for Wilson. His "anytime anyplace" challenge turned into to "this time or never." I have things going on that day. I will be lucky to make it by 6. I asked the AIM to move it to 7, and they refused, for whatever reason.

    People have told me I am walking into an ambush of sorts. I wanted the event at a place in Wilson' district or at Anderson College. This is what they gave me in response.

    I had nothing to do with the time or place, and if I were a candidate, I would say "to hell with this."

    What a mess. I will apparently walk into a political ambush set up by Mr. Wilson in a venue stacked by his fans.
  3. Anonymous 16/2/07 04:47
    Brian McCarty will not show up to debate. We have seen to that. We are now going after his brother. We will see how brave Brian McCarty really is. After we go after his brother, we will go after his father and mother, and that old woman he dates. Be sure we know it all. I hear McCarty's brother's job as a teacher is in jeopardy. Just wait to we start messing with you Capps, and your mulatto. WE WIN. WE DO NOT LOSE. Just watch how McCarty folds when he realizes his brother and mother are under our eyes, and then we come after you.

    Southern Fried
  4. Earl Capps 16/2/07 08:15
    Southern Fried - I'll bet you think I'm one of those bleeding heart types, but rest assured, I am one of those who believe in the 2nd Amendment and think any form of gun control is unconstitutional.

    As with Brian, you might find it a little painful to cross someone who holds such extreme political views ... and who is a pretty decent shot as well.

    You've got every right to run your mouth, but you'd best steer clear of me.
  5. Joshua Gross 16/2/07 09:22
    Best definition of gun control: Hit what you're aiming at...

    Keep up the good work, Earl. (and Brian...)
  6. Anonymous 16/2/07 11:19
    Brian McCarty is too damn stupid to realize what we are going to do to him.

    The first step he takes into Anderson County, our ole Buddy David Crenshaw will have him arrested.

    Then, I predict, prisoner McCarty will hang himself. Just wait and see. There will be no debate. We will destroy this scalawag before your very eyes.

    All that will be left him will be a corpse for his mother to nourn, and then we will deal with her Honea Path ass.
  7. grossed out 16/2/07 13:38
    Joshua Gross is a paid hitman for the CFG sent down here to destroy traditional conservatism.

    That's he and his cronies are doing such a good job of destroying any chance we will ever have of gettign genuine school choice. After all, nobdoy could be THAT incompetent.

    I like Sanford, but I am not willing to sacrifice this state's traditional vlaues just so his CFG buddies can make him president.

    Mr. Gross: if you and your friends have any decency please go back where you cmae from and leave us alone.
  8. Salkehatichie Slim 16/2/07 13:42
    Since you big strong boys are all so brave and ready to "skin that smokewagon" on anyone who disagrees with you, may we assume that you all will be riding up to Anderson with Mr. McCarty?

    What, too busy?

    A new issue of Yankee Quarterly Review just arrive?

    Your on board GPS won't reach that far?
  9. George Bernard Faulkner Wolfe 16/2/07 13:45
    If you boys are going to make up all this "Brian McCarty will be lynched" fiction, you should at least be able to come up with something more original than "anonymous".
  10. Earl Capps 16/2/07 13:49
    slim, i'm probably more "from here" than you are.

    john graham altman, the former state rep and bane of the liberal media - second cousin.

    cornerstone of rutledge avenue baptist church in uptown charleston, dated 1917 - great-grandfather was the reverend whose name is on it.

    we pass down, as an heirloom, the one thing that sherman's troops didn't loot or burn when they visited the family home.

    i'm quite from around here. it just burns you when the locals won't put on the hoods and burn crosses anymore, don't it?
  11. Anonymous 16/2/07 13:57
    Don't let these bigots with their threats bother you. As per our conversation and email yesterday I will be there and get a few other very special guys to come. The guys I will be bringing do not play war either. ; )

    I think your request of a 7pm venue is most appropiate since you are bringing it to them. Surely, as self professed "Southern gentlemen" they can accomodate your request in an honorable fashion. But that would require honor so we will see.
  12. Anonymous 16/2/07 13:59
    The Creek Indian tribe will be represented.
  13. Fr. Guido Sarducci 16/2/07 14:05
    Earl Capps says "you best steer clear of me".

    Where, exactly, are you? I mean how we cna steer clear of you if we don't know where you are?

    What if someone you don't like, but who doesn't where you are, accidentally comes across him and you shoot him all because he didn't know where you are?

    Think about it.
  14. Anonymous 16/2/07 14:14
    actually, slim, i think he had a hot date scheduled with your mother. but i could be mistaking him for all the other guys lined up for a crack at that ho.
  15. Salkehatichie Slim 16/2/07 14:16
    Dear "Hometown" Earl,

    Dear me. I do truly apologize if something I said offended you: Please do not shoot me as I am very sickly and might not survive.

    So, are you going to be in Anderson Monday night? (Anderson is a small town in the northwest corner of South Carolina. It is the county seat of Anderson County).

    The forum will be at the Anderson Fairgrounds.

    Here is a map (just click "To Here".),-82.630749&spn=0.016868,0.043259

    P.S. Got time for a brief history lesson? The Old Klan (with the help of the Redshirts) wore sheets and used guerilla tactics to fight the damnyankees and intimidate Radical Republicans, until lawful government was restored in 1876 (aka The Restoration); the New Klan is a gaggle of economically-disadvantaged clowns, mostly from the Midwest who also wear silly costumes and distract the small-minded (no offense intended); the New-Old Klan, well now, that's a different story: they’re the ones who sit across from you at those fancy-plate seminars and you never even know it.
  16. Earl Capps 16/2/07 14:22
    father - i'll likely shoot him for the heck of it. wanna hear my confession afterwards?

    slim - the restoration was just that - the removal of one elite corrupt regime that governed through political deals and force with another. the only difference was that the degree of inclusiveness of voters before was somewhat higher.

    as for anderson, it's hardly a small town these days. maybe you haven't been there lately?

    as for you, why worry about surviving? if i shot you, i don't think i'd intend for you to survive, wouldn't you think?
  17. Salkehatichie Slim 16/2/07 14:25
    Ha! Good come back.

    I assume you're joking, since my moms died 9 years ago....

    Wait a minute! Earl Capps is a necrophiliac!? Man that is sick.
  18. Fred 16/2/07 14:32
    BTW, Brian and all.

    I looked at that post just a minute a go which had the map to the Fairgrounds you know?

    And great news. It is right next to Anderson College. I mean it is like a block away. So, you basically got your wish after all.
  19. Anonymous 16/2/07 14:49
    how come all of you aren't over on brian's blog, dissing that amy chick?
  20. Fred 16/2/07 15:54
    Oh wait I get it now. The reason Brian wanted the debate at Anderson College wasn't because of geography, it was because he wanted the support of all those left-wing college kids and professors who love the shout down any conservative they disagree with.
  21. Anonymous 16/2/07 15:59
    does amy hate ron wilson too?
  22. salkehatchie slim 16/2/07 16:04
    Do any of y’all want to ride together up to the debate in Anderson?

    I have to be in Cola Monday and Tuesday, but I would not miss what is going to be the political event of the year.

    Come on it will be fun. The Yankee, the self-loathing Southerner, and a poor old country boy like me.

    I will be glad to drive and pay for the gas if y'all promise not to gross me out or capp me for accidentally disagreeing with you about something.

    Springer beads for everybody!
  23. GMU Flying 16/2/07 16:07
    Capps said:

    "First off, please overlook the desecration of the Confederate battle flag by neo-Nazi inbreeds."

    I like a funny opener. Here's another one for you:

    "...other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?"
  24. salkehatchie slim 16/2/07 16:25
    I just assumed it was going to be a gutshot to teach me a lesson I didn't realize it was murder you were after.


    Well then "skin that smokewagon and see what happens."

    After all, I don't need to go heeled to get the bulge on a dub like you.
  25. salkehatchie slim 16/2/07 16:36
    All right boys, Springer's over, my turkey call is tuned, and I have finally worked up the energy to go down and deposit my welfare check, so I'll have to talk to y'all later.

    If I don't hear from you, I'll assume your all driving up on your own.

    See you all on Monday night (assuming of course I don't accidentally run into Capps and get "popped").

    BTW Capps, what do you carry? It's not some sissy .380 or something is it? I want it to quick.
  26. Earl Capps 16/2/07 17:46
    fred - brian wanted to hold it in his district, for the benefit of his constituents. check your facts before you run off at the mouth.

    slim - who's the yankee? you? brian is a native of honea path or somewhere in that area, and i'm from the lowcountry.

    don't blow all your food stamps in one night, ok dude?
  27. Anonymous 16/2/07 18:59
    Earl, I know exactly who salkehatchie slim is and he has a battleflag and a JBS sign in his yard. I say lets take the Jeep for a spin again.
  28. Huh? 16/2/07 20:49
    hey earl, where'd ya find all the freaks at?
  29. Anonymous 16/2/07 22:24
    Earl has been attaching 20 dollar bills to fishing line and riding through trailer parks again.
  30. MG 20/2/07 18:05
    Come by the lake and pick me up Earl I will ride with you.
  31. Anonymous 21/2/07 00:53
    Brian McCarty had a friend who died, oh yeah.

    Brian McCarty used that to chicken out.

    But, it is not over.

    Ron Wilson for Governor.

    Southern Fried
  32. Anonymous 22/2/07 02:52
    Hey Southern Fried, how's the single wide doing these days? I know it is nearly thirty years old and you damn near have that thing paid off. I hope the checks you get from the government keep the lights and phone on.

    I know its hell making that trailer payment and paying rent to the trailer park owner for the land it sits on.

    I know, you hate the government, but you still cash those checks.
  33. Brian McCarty 25/2/07 03:16
    Well, everyone knows by now I chose to attend a funeral instead of the false debate with Ron Wilson.

    I know tha disappointed some in the trailer park, and got them ready to kick their dogs, but duty is always first, ego is not.

    As for Mr. wilson, if you look at the forum footage, you will note he did not dispute one fact I laid out. Further, he said we discussed a book about communism. We did not. Perhaps he was just mistaken. We did discuss some of his other more interesting books he offers for sale.

    I still can not fathom how the Anderson Independent ran a story that led about me going to a funeral instead of the fact that one of their elected officials has all of these interesting associations.
  34. Rick Beltram 25/2/07 05:34
    Ron Wilson is a bigot who has no place in the Republican Party. If he was in Spartanburg, we'd run him out, with me leading the charge.

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