Today's important Safety message

For my birthday, I didn't get home from work until 10.30pm, and then had to be up for work at 5.45 am this morning. Since I'm a little tired and bummed out from a 14.5 hour workday on my birthday, I have nothing new to share with ya'll today.

Since I don't have anything to yap about, I thought I'd provide a little useful information instead, like this very important safety sign:

Ya'll be safe out there, and whatever you do, watch out for the edges.

7 Response to "Today's important Safety message"

  1. Anonymous 6/2/07 14:03
    we're getting a little tired of these negative, misleading and deceptive statements you keep trying to get over on us.

    that is not a sign, and it's about time you dropped your hidden agenda and told us what that picture really means.
  2. Anonymous 7/2/07 00:51
    thanks for the warning. i don't know what i'd do without people like you looking out for us.
  3. anonymous_rhino 7/2/07 11:50
    Now where was Bill Engvall to say, "Here's your sign"?
  4. Moye 7/2/07 21:24
    Is this a OSHA or MSHA required sign ?
  5. west_rhino 9/2/07 11:29
    moye, probably an OSHA required under an obscure AlGore regulation... it had to be placed to fight global warming, as its shade attenuates the quadrillionth of a micro-calorie of heat deposited in the environment by a possum's flautlence or the thought processes of one of Earl's stalkers.
  6. Anonymous 10/2/07 19:10
    the sign looks scary to me.
  7. Anonymous 15/2/07 10:29
    actually, the sign is intended to warn you the bridge is out. damn attorneys and commie-lib bleeding hearts are to blame for this!

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