U.S. 321 widening event recap

The project “thank you” event for the 321 widening team went well yesterday, with about sixty people turning out. It was a great opportunity to meet so many people, including Michael Covington, the famous highway executive and songwriter, and to hear from Richard Eckstrom, our state’s Comptroller General.

The first picture is Eckstrom, Greg Cook (my Regional Manager), and Embree Griner (the President of my company).

Things couldn’t have gone smoother – pretty much everyone showed up who was expected, the speakers did their parts, and the food was delivered and set up flawlessly.

Special thanks go out to several people who made the event a success:

Greg Cook, U.S. Group (my boss) – for having the confidence that he could go out of state for a week and come back with no involvement or advance preparation for the event, and that the event would go well and that his role in the event would go smoothly. It is a blessing to work for someone who has that much confidence in my ability to put together an event like this.
Tina Hembree, SCDOT Special Events – she did a great job lining up the upper SCDOT management to attend and participate in the event.
Dionne Gleaton, Orangeburg Times and Democrat – for taking the time to cover our event, and writing a pretty darn good story … and most importantly …
Paige Cooper, Sticky Fingers catering. They even came all the way down U.S. 321 to Livingston, South Carolina from Columbia. The food was great and the service could not have been better. If you have an event, you definitely want to let them take care of you.

The event, like the project, ran pretty smoothly, and with great cooperation and support ... except for Eckstrom's attempt to break into a lecture about the history of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) and how they are used by textile manufacturing firms in Nebraska and south-central Georgia,which required us to zap him with a tazer gun to get him back on track.

I'm just kidding about the lecture and tazer gun (however, there might be some legislators might have done it if given half a chance) - his comments were good, and his presence was well-appreciated.

Seriously, the participation and support of everyone yesterday was greatly appreciated, and the spirit that made the project go so well was evident at the event.

Enjoy the pics, and if you missed it, you missed a pretty darn good event. The Orangeburg Times and Democrat also had a pretty good write-up of yesterday's event as well.

7 Response to "U.S. 321 widening event recap"

  1. Moye 9/2/07 10:20
    Earl I am sitting in my hotel room in Anaheim, California looking down at Disneyland. Decided to boot up my laptop to see what was happening in my part of the world instead of this left coast. Any how Mr. Eckstrom is a favorite and I could almost see him talking about the other things a good man he is. Sounds like you guys are moving right along so congratulations to all of you. I am yet to really try the Sticky Fingers but definitely am going to soon.
  2. Moye 9/2/07 10:20
    One more thing do not see a picture of you anywhere.
  3. Anonymous 9/2/07 11:25
    earl you horrible! this road kill thousands of snake, possum an raccoon and make global warming!
  4. Anonymous 9/2/07 15:58
    how come i wasn't invited?
  5. Earl Capps 9/2/07 19:48
    Moye, I was the photographer, so there was nobody else to take pictures of me. That is usually how it goes.
  6. Moye 9/2/07 21:41
    I am sure Richard would had taken your picture or should I get you a tripod for Christmas. You should see the picture I took today at Manhattan Beach pier here in LA. WOW.
  7. Anonymous 10/2/07 19:09
    gee, did you get autographs?

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