Black Sabbath and Megadeth news

Two big developments early this year in the metal music scene:

Ronnie James Dio and Black Sabbath, minus Ozzy, are touring as "Heaven and Hell", recreating the band's line-up when Ronnie James Dio replaced Ozzy Ozbourne in the late 1970s. They're touring with Megadeth on most of these dates and in March, will do their first leg of the tour, across Canada and ending up in NYC on March 30. More dates will be announced soon, presumably farther south at some point.

Megadeth will be releasing their United Abominations album on May 15, their first album since The System has Failed in 2004. I'm sure this will make a big splash during their tour. Gears of War has already been plugged as an early cut from the album, and here's a link to the YouTube copy of their concert performance of the song from last year's Gigantour:

... stay tuned for a review of their new album shortly after it hits the stores in May!

6 Response to "Black Sabbath and Megadeth news"

  1. Anonymous 1/3/07 09:53
    grow up
  2. Earl's No. 1 Groupie 1/3/07 15:05
    OOHH he is grown more ways than one. Be nice and just maybe he will let you take a peek and see ;)
  3. Anonymous 2/3/07 14:55
    you sure do cover a lot of topics here ... a real wide range. you sure you're taking your meds?
  4. Brian McCarty 4/3/07 06:53
    Earl, as a classic metal fan, I enjoy the updates on such.

    I love old country and southern rock as well, and I have thought about doing some posts about such on my own blog, after seeing what you do with classic metal here.

    Don't let the turkeys get you down. I do not always comment on the classic metal updates, but I do read them and enjoy them.

    Keep up the good work and here's hoping you know who is well medicated.
  5. Anonymous 4/3/07 06:54
    to earl's number 1 groupie:

    No thanks, I think I will let you take a peak for us all.

    As the gerbil from Joe Cartoon says, "thanks for asking, but I don't swing that way."
  6. earl's no. 1 groupie 4/3/07 11:10
    OH I did take a peek and I thoroughly enjoyed what I got to see ;) you have NO IDEA what you are missing

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