Can't keep up with Windows Vista

In the 1980s, the punk band Minor Threat's song "Out of Step" talked about someone who couldn't do most anything he wanted to do:

I Don't smoke
Don't drink
Don't f***
At least I can f*****g think

I can't keep up
Can't keep up
Can't keep up
Out of step with the world

This email from my College's IT admin staff kind of reminds me of their song:

Student Computing Support at the College of Charleston suggests you avoid switching to or purchasing Windows Vista at this time if you use or do any of the following:

· Student Webmail (Edisto): Some Webmail components are not available in Vista.

· Student (SIS) or CougarTrail: Web links may not be visible in your browser.

· CampusWide or ResNet wireless connection: You can experience constant signal loss resulting in lost data because of hardware compatibility issues.

· WebCT: Vista comes with Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) which may not display all of the links and features used with WebCT.

· Older peripherals (e.g. printers, joysticks, keyboards, other USB devices): Software (drivers) needed to operate many older devices are not included in Vista.

· Play games, DVD’s or CD’s: Vista’s enhanced security features may prevent it from playing certain older CD’s and DVD’s or properly installing some games.

So if you get Windows Vista, you may find out that you can't surf the web, can't get an Internet connection, can't play games, and you probably can't listen to music or watch a DVD ... but at least you can f***in' think.

4 Response to "Can't keep up with Windows Vista"

  1. Anonymous 16/3/07 09:30
    Gotta love that MS quality!
  2. Anonymous 16/3/07 09:51
    This wouldn't happen if Ty was here.
  3. Anonymous 16/3/07 14:55
    after such a good week, you put this up. i've gotta admit to being a bit confused.
  4. Anonymous 16/3/07 15:53
    The Martians are coming dude, pass the bong.

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