Corporal Mike Deese: One of the Good Guys

Yesterday afternoon, Dorchester County lost one of its finest when Dorchester County Sheriff's Deputy Mike Deese and his K-9 were killed in a head-on collision with a pickup truck on Interstate 26.

While several other cars were hit by the vehicle, fortunately, none of the other injuries were severe. As the driver of the truck was also killed, we may never know what happened. When I passed by the scene on the way back from Columbia, about 10:30 p.m., I will say it was one of the most amazing collision scenes I've ever witnessed, so it was no small miracle that noone else was seriously hurt.

Four years ago, Deese and his K-9 were hit by gunfire when responding to a domestic call, but both recovered in good health and returned to duty.

Knowing Sheriff Ray Nash, I know today and the next few days will be tough for him and his men. In this time, they deserve the support and the prayers of a grateful community. They'll have mine, and I hope they'll have yours.

May his memory be eternal.

4 Response to "Corporal Mike Deese: One of the Good Guys"

  1. Brian McCarty 10/3/07 08:38
    My thoughts and prayers go out to the deputy's family, friends and the Dorchester County Sheriff's department.

    What a tragic loss.

    That said, Earl, where on I-26 did this happen? A head on on an interstate is an unusual thing.
  2. Earl Capps 10/3/07 12:49
    about mile 176. the center median in that section is heavily-overgrown in most spots and the truck went through at one of those few spots where there were no trees.

    as i'd driven up through there about 2 hours before the collision, i'd noted traffic was just about bumper to bumper. that only four cars were involved, and the other injuries were fairly minor, was no small miracle.
  3. smgjr 11/3/07 22:02
    I have said a prayer and I do hope his family will be at ease and also the other driver.
  4. Moye 12/3/07 21:24
    I am in Houston tonight but was wondering if any more details have came out.

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