CPAC columns discuss Giuliani, McCain, Romney

Two recent articles discussing CPAC and the leading contenders for the GOP presidential nomination - Giuliani, McCain, and Romney, were deemed worth discussing in this morning's Blogland yak-fest: one in the American Spectator, and a column by George Will (as published in The State).

The American Spectator column mostly focused on the issues of Second Amendment rights and abortion-related issues, criticizing Romney for attacking others about their records and public statements while being less than honest about his own record on both issues:

With his poll numbers still mired in the single digits, it's understandable that Romney is desperate to tear down his opponents, but his campaign should do so with a little more tact, and some modesty about Romney's own flimsy conservative record.
Will's column looked favorably upon Giuliani and McCain on notable conservative political positions ...

On Giuliani:

He favors school choice; he opposes bilingual education that confines students to linguistic ghettos, and he ended the “open admissions” policy that degraded City University, once an effective instrument of upward mobility. The suggestion that 9/11 required city tax increases triggered from Giuliani four adjectives: “dumb, stupid, idiotic and moronic.”
On McCain:

McCain, whose career rating from ACU is 82 (100 being perfect), voted in 2003 against the prescription drug entitlement because of its cost. He is a strong critic of corporate welfare. And since 2003 he has been insisting that the mission in Iraq requires more troops — even more than will be there during the current “surge.”
Both articles gave unflattering assessments on Mitt Romney's conservative credentials:

Some may argue that this is a perfectly valid answer at this point in the campaign. But if Romney, with a public pro-gun control record dating back to 1994, wants to be able to attack an opponent for being anti-gun, he should have the guts to rule out the idea of imposing new federal restrictions on gun owners. (American Spectator)
Romney, however, is criticized by many conservatives for what they consider multiple conversions of convenience — on abortion, stem cell research, gay rights, gun control. But if Romney is now locked into positions that these conservatives like, why do they care so much about whether political calculation or moral epiphany moved him there? (George Will)
With ten months to go before the South Carolina primary, which opens up two months of free-wheeling primaries and caucuses, this race may be the most competitive seen for the GOP nomination. For the Romney campaign, these kinds of criticisms of Romney's record can't be making their jobs any easier.

We'll defintely be staying tuned ...

7 Response to "CPAC columns discuss Giuliani, McCain, Romney"

  1. Anonymous 12/3/07 13:11
    they're all losers, except for tancredo - a great friend of the white man in america.
  2. Anonymous 12/3/07 13:22
    It's just more proof that people aren't making this stuff up about Romney.

    How are the DITZ FROM TiTS gonna spin this one?
  3. Anonymous 12/3/07 13:23
    Nor does it disprove the well-known notion that RQ&A is a team chock full of rockheads.
  4. Moye 12/3/07 21:22
    Romney has more money than any of them and that may be his ticket.
  5. Anonymous 15/3/07 09:24
    romney is a lot of hot air. has anyone looked at why he didn't run for re-election?

    could it be that his two-faced left-right ideological juggling act was toast in his home state?
  6. Moye 15/3/07 18:05
    It is always good to get out on top.
  7. Anonymous 16/3/07 10:50
    I hate not to be able to post my name. But, after attacks on Earl for the posts about Ron Wilson, one cannot be too careful. I support McCain. Those who support Romney shoud at least read with an open mind.

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