Democratic Disunity in Beaufort Senate race?

For whatever reason, someone emailed me this scan of a post card that went out for a campaign fundraiser event for the State Senate campaign of Beaufort Republican State Representative Ceips.

It's no secret that there are many relationships and alliances in the House and Senate that transcend party identification, such as geography, rural areas, and even gender. While the listing of women legislators is likely intended to create the impression that women legislators are lining up solidly behind Ceips, it is interesting to note that as a majority of these legislators listed on this postcard as backing Ceips are Democrats, not fellow Republicans. I'm sure this will leave some on both sides of the party line at least somewhat confused:

  • Confusing for Democrats, who worked hard to recruit a candidate willing to wage uphill campaign in strongly-Republican district, and
  • Confusing for Republicans, to find she has so much support from Democrats.

But for others, it may seem promising. Those Republicans who oppose her will certainly point to this as a reason to question her party loyalty in the primary, and if nominated, pragmatic Republicans would love to have this to trumpet to demoralize what little effort the Democrats can rally behind their nominee.

In any event, an interesting event in what is bound to be a rather interesting Senate race.

7 Response to "Democratic Disunity in Beaufort Senate race?"

  1. Moye 27/3/07 22:56
    If I voted in this race I certainly would not vote for her.
  2. Earl Capps 28/3/07 01:20
    Unfortunately, being in Clarendon County, you'll not likely have such a choice to make anytime soon.

    Like most places in this politically-polarized state, the primary is essentially Election Day - it's just a question of which party controls the turf where the battle is being waged.
  3. Anonymous 28/3/07 08:52
    i wonder what her position is on gun control and utility workers?
  4. Lowcountry GOP Watch 28/3/07 11:37
    I'm all for women in the legislature, and Linda Short has served her district and state weel over her tenure in office.

    But Catherine Ceips is NOT who we need in the Senate. I'd rather have no women in the Senate than one who gives decent, upstanding women a bad name!
  5. west_rhino 28/3/07 16:11
    Let me see, I spell Rhino with a "H" and Mikey spells it with an "E", but we still have too many that use the RINO-bonics RINO.

    Too many will run as a Republican because either they can't win in a district as a Dem or the fix is in for a Dem nominee... go fig!
  6. Mike's America 28/3/07 16:59
    I always thought she was a conservative.

    But what do I know. I live in the Senate district.

    I certainly am not all that impressed by her opponents.
  7. Anonymous 29/3/07 11:07
    At least Glen McConnell isn't vacating the seat where Wallace lives.

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