February 2007, the month in review

Ok, time to take a look back at what turned ya'll on - or pissed ya'll off - here in the Blogland during the month of February. In the month of love, the topics covered quite a bit of ground, from love to hate, with heartbreakers, neo-nazis, highway construction projects, First Aid training and even my birthday.

Here are the postings which got you, my readers, talking this month:

Getting ready for Valentine's Day?
Happy Birthday to me
U.S. 321 highway widening event recap
2/9: Neo-nazis attack S.C. blogger
The McCarty-Wilson debate: Racism in our society and political culture
2/14: Mike Campbell endorses ... ah, who really cares?
2/15: Ron Wilson to face racism allegations

Thanks for staying tuned in to what's going on in the Blogland and for sharing your thoughts. Be sure to keep coming back for more good chatter - it's only as good as you make it!

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  1. Anonymous 3/3/07 19:05
    man, you sure to range over a lot of different topics. what's that all about?

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