Florence Republican willing to consider VP slot

Florence County Republican Mike Reino surprised South Carolina political observers when he announced that if asked, he would consider being the GOP Vice-Presidential candidate. He enters a large field of those who have been the subject of Vice-Presidential rumors, including South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

“Who wouldn’t consider this,” he said. “But I’m not sure if I’m interested in the job. There’s a ton of travel, the work hours suck, and if I got elected, I’d be the butt of late-show jokes, just like the last three Vice-Presidents: Dick Cheney, Al Gore, and Dan Quayle. Not only that, but fewer people would want to go hunting with me.”

Moye Graham, Vice-Chairman of the Clarendon County Republican Party, dismissed these rumors: “If it’s this hard to get Mike to come down to Wyboo for free beer, how in the world can he find the time to travel the country, doing hundreds of fundraisers and publicity events?”

This speculation about Reino’s candidacy has reached a feverish pace amid surveys of Republicans indicated that, if asked, most of them would consider the slot. “Not surprising,” said Joe Schmoe, a Washington-based political columnist. “After all, if you ask me to shoot myself, I’d consider it. It doesn’t mean I’d do it, but we tend to think about most things we’re asked to do before we decide if we’re going to do them or not. At least after we graduated from college, stopped smoking pot and dropping LSD, and sobered up a bit so we could get a job.”

Brian McCarty, a Midlands attorney and GOP blogger, agreed with Schmoe: “Think about it - the odds of actually getting asked are about as good as most of us getting the hottest dame in the bar to talk to us. If it happens, great, but let’s face it, it ain’t gonna happen for most of us. But if asked, sure, I'd be willing to consider being number two in the fall of next year, as would most of us.”

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  1. Anonymous 29/3/07 11:06
    I can neither confirm or deny that Gary McLeod has offered to organize farmers for Reino in return for Mike not offering to run for the 6th CD nomination...
  2. Mike Reino 29/3/07 13:53
    Veep might be a good job for me.. Some people say that I'm just a big , steaming pile of No. 2 anyway....
  3. Brian McCarty 29/3/07 23:41
    I just want to say, I did not have sexual relations with that woman. I wanted to, but she turned me down.
  4. Dawber 29/3/07 23:54
    earl, you know that i'm the girl in the bar, and that you would never say no to me.

    the last weekend was a great time, and you can say no to me as much as i can say no to you.

    you know where to find me ;)
  5. Anonymous 30/3/07 04:17
    come on mike, why do it? we were just starting to like you around here.
  6. west_rhino 30/3/07 11:45
    Somehow, I'm inclined to drift back to Tom Lehrer and the mid sixties piece he did on That Was The Week That Was, "What Ever Became of Hubert?"(Humphrey).
  7. Anonymous 31/3/07 22:02
    By my metric calculations of all those who have been mentioned, Reino ranks 56,375 in national name recognition. Please stick to those slightly better known in your posts.
  8. Earl Capps 31/3/07 23:15
    anon 2202, in case you didn't know - you're quite mistaken about this.

    i'm 56,375 in national standings, mike is somewhat ahead of me. last time i checked he was 55,456.
  9. Anonymous 1/4/07 00:31
    Well, anyone in the top 10,000 would know that Ricky Bobby is expected to be chosen by Romney.
  10. Brian McCarty 1/4/07 04:26
    Dale Earnhardt. Jr was quoted as saying about his potential Vice Presidential run, "I am not thirty-five yet, dude, have a beer and just chill out."
  11. Mike Reino 1/4/07 11:43
    Sweet Baby Jesus in the manger! Mitt Romney/Ricky Bobby would be a strong ticket.... Nice to see I'm moving up the GOP Q-Factor.
  12. Moye 1/4/07 12:20
    I am going to call Gary McLeod to see if he will help Mike out on this one.
  13. Anonymous 2/4/07 13:59

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