Me in the National Journal

I got a very favorable write-up/bio in the National Journal on Saturday.

Oh, I think Algore is going to summon the forces of nature to put a hurtin' on Sic Willie. Ya'll say a prayer for the guy.

That's all the news for now. Ya'll get out there and make it a great Monday!

9 Response to "Me in the National Journal"

  1. Anonymous 5/3/07 00:44
    Well deserved national attention. Other than being a good dude you are a great asset to the state with your kean political insight.

    Keep on biking my friend. And you have a great week.
  2. The Shot 5/3/07 07:43
    Great job Earl!
  3. Mike Reino 5/3/07 21:03
    EXTREMELY JEALOUS !! Congrats my Buddy.
  4. Moye 5/3/07 21:20
    Coming to you from Wichita, Kansas tonight. You did good Earl.
  5. jimmiles 5/3/07 21:27
    Earl, I'm proud of you. Jim Miles
  6. Earl Capps 5/3/07 21:52
    wwwwoooowwww ... thanks, jim!

    i'm glad to see you're still out there. drop me a line sometime.
  7. Anonymous 6/3/07 09:40
    dude, excellent work. how 'bout another bong hit to celebrate?
  8. Moye 6/3/07 22:12
    You did read about Sunny Phillips on this site also did you not. Glad to see both of you on there wish my buddy would had made it also. Still in Wichita and still bored.
  9. Brian McCarty 7/3/07 07:41
    Congrads Earl, it sure beats neo confederates calling you a coward or harrassing your home and business.

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