National Work Zone Safety Week - April 2-6

It's that time of the year again ... yep, National Work Zone Safety Week is next week (April 2-6).

On this blog, that's an important week.

As someone who works for a highway construction general contractor, I'd like to ask all of you to put safety first at all times when driving, but to pay extra attention in those work zones.

While my company has been fortunate to have had zero injuries or fatalities due to work zone incidents, U.S. Group is the exception to the rule in that regard. Having had a couple of near misses myself while on job sites, I know just how risky it is.

Keep in mind that when workers can work safer and therefore with more confidence, they work faster. That means they can open those roads up sooner. So, please help us help you.

There's even a Work Zone Safety coloring book you can download for hours of coloring fun. West and Mike ought to enjoy that.

7 Response to "National Work Zone Safety Week - April 2-6"

  1. Anonymous 30/3/07 04:18
    ok, you sold me. i'll slow down.
  2. Karen 30/3/07 10:32
    This is wise and much-needed advice. I live in Flori-DUH, and the way people drive here-- even where road work is going on-- is unreal.

    BTW, it's great to meet another Byzantine Catholic!
  3. west_rhino 30/3/07 11:47
    CSI:Work Zone is not an option.
  4. Anonymous 30/3/07 22:24
    you can take my license and all that jive, but i can't drive 55.
  5. Anonymous 30/3/07 22:30
    be careful out there. it'd be a shame to see that hot body get hurt.
  6. moye 1/4/07 13:34
    Safety is important. I do not know how those guys do it in all that traffic.
  7. Anonymous 2/4/07 10:24
    We hear that Jean Toal's been at it again. Thank the Lord it wasn't in or near a work zone.

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