New direction for Giuliani?

The Chaser links to an interesting article about Rudy Giuliani's efforts to develop his political resume beyond the 9/11 imagery which has served him well, as well as dodge the moderate wolf in sheep's clothing imagery his opponents are seeking to attach to him.

As McCain, once the favorite in this race, flounders and struggles to move beyond the slump in support which followed his long-expired honeymoon phase. While he struggles to get his campaign moving and get back into the race, it appears Rudy may be ready to recover from some recent stumbles and shift into a more active campaign mode. His (and McCain's, for that matter) ability to do so will be crucial to their survival, considering the questions being raised by many Republicans and lack of confidence in the GOP fielding of Presidential candidates.

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  1. moye 19/3/07 23:21
    Coming to you from Baton Rouge tonight. Go Rudy............

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