News from Afghanistan & Iraq

Mike Burleson brings us thoughtful discussion of news and issues in Afghanistan and Iraq:

... growing cultural, economic and political progress in Afghanistan.

"The Afghan economy is booming at 12 percent growth rate a year. Fourteen billion [dollars] has been spent on aid since 2001. Six TV channels and a hundred free, uncensored publications are available to the people. Literacy is increasing rapidly. The ring road is now two-thirds complete. The 40,000 soldiers of the [Afghan National Army] are growing rapidly in numbers and capability. There are 45,000 NATO and U.S. troops in country. There is a functioning democracy with an elected Parliament, and a serious, dedicated Afghan president in office. Afghanistan can be a strategic victory in the struggle against terrorism. We are now on the right path."

... criticism by the Washington Post of the return of "business as usual" pork barrel politics by the House Democratic leadership to win a close vote on their anti-war budget resolution:

Altogether the House Democratic leadership has come up with more than $20 billion in new spending, much of it wasteful subsidies to agriculture or pork barrel projects aimed at individual members of Congress ... The legislation pays more heed to a handful of peanut farmers than to the 24 million Iraqis who are living through a maelstrom initiated by the United States, the outcome of which could shape the future of the Middle East for decades .... House Democrats are pressing a bill that has the endorsement of but excludes the judgment of the U.S. commanders who would have to execute the retreat the bill mandates.

All good points, and well worth a read. Go check out Mike's blogsite.

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  2. Moye 27/3/07 23:03
    Now that is out of the way Mike did a good blog.
  3. Mike Burleson 28/3/07 09:36
    Earl is much more tolerant of angry posters than myself. Thanks, Earl!
  4. west_rhino 28/3/07 16:06
    Ditto Mike, I'd offer a bit of analysis of anon, but it would be a waste of time to offer the fact that she is really expressing disgust for her own shortcomings and inadequacies.
  5. Earl Capps 28/3/07 16:14
    i try be tolerant, even though a certain slim dude accused me of censoring comments to exclude those whose opinions may have challenged my personal point of view.

    in response, i started deleting all of his postings. after all, i wouldn't want to let the guy down.

    otherwise, i allow more leeway than ever with regard to the postings i approve, just to let slim know that anyone is welcome to disagree with me on my blog - except him.
  6. moye 1/4/07 13:47
    By the way we need a super peanut.

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